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03. High Wire Act

High Wire Act
by CY


I got a thing, I make the people sing and ease their minds,
With these rhymes/

I wanna sing, The music make ya swing, and bring you high, in the sky/ The High Wire Act
My rhymes flow like a spring-Last chorus-

I got a thing make something for the people to make them sing
And they sing la de da, anda ease their mind eya deyinds, Yea.

I wanna sing make something for the people to make them dream, (dream big) and they sing adeya, and they ease their mind eya deyinds, Yea.

1st verse

Feel the Adrenalin/anticipate each step taken, sky high walkin before millions/

The pressure is on to be dillignet/ Itís equivalent to feel alone on an island like Gilliganís/

[But] I keep my eyes on the prize and the vision plan/ To Inspire earthly civilians/

[what] and Iíma climb till Iím high on the wire through the fire cuz I know it pays dividends/

[Yea], cause it feels good if you donít stumble come out the tunnel and rubble see the light when you finish fam/

]Yea], and that nothing turn into something, what you used to wonder is now abundantly sittin in ya hand/

[Excuse me], some donít know me so my bad for interruptin/ let me start off with a formal introduction/

Iím CY, I specialize in rhyme, turn noise to production/
Top Notch without corruption/

2nd verse

Iím backwards flippin, acrobatical spittin, the judge grinning, Call it the flow excersise/

like the Olympics, only difference itís words that Iíve written when feelin a track thatís so nice/

My act has risen, but the facts Iím given, when Iím singin, is something folks canít deny/

Iím Jack the ripper/ Rip a track deliver a rhyme quicker, Then Sam I am when I rhyme/

I start with a pen and clean page in hand/ rhymes sick, like Iím eatin green eggs and ham/

Hit the lab with Phil, like we makin the band/ Toss seed in the field, and reap a wage from fans/ (yea)

The music hittin the walls, let it rumble/

High up got humpty dumpty scared of the crumble/

Rise up, Have to work, the last first stay humble/

Light flash first before the thunder/

Like Paul Bunyon/ chopped and screwed, follow the clues, swallow and chew, this music like funions/

I wanna drop a tune/ so hot that you/ squinch ya face like ya eyes to a onion/

I got this thing/ a talent a gift to make men sing/

A universal language for strangers/

Itís called music/ I call it the High Wire Act, go cop the album itís a banger/




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