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04. 26ís (Feat. Lecrae)

Identity Crisis
by Tedashii


Verse 1 (Tedashii):
Peep it, peep it/OH MY GOD!/
Pe-peep these people fiending/
Fiending to be seen as king and leaning/In they, CHROMED OUT CARS/
Ri-riding high, su-superfly/wood wheel, they grasp it tight/
Locomotive midnight strolling through Georgia/they Gladys Knight/
Tipping, neon glass is bright/switches make the back take flight/
Lay it down, raise it up/stu-stunting gives Ďem bragging rights/
All this so they swag is tight/idolatry for status right/
But they blind to the prison and the image that they living in/all this sin from Adamís vice/
All of us we get this, yeah/distorted views of image, yeah/
Made in Godís likeness but despite this mankind is blemished, yeah/
So men chase them fancy cars/riding on them fancy bars/
All so they can get respect when we cruising down the boulevard/
So I grab the mic in here/just to bring some light in here/
Flip-flip the script just like a switch to spark this hit/bring Christ in here/
Since man canít see who they should be/Iím a spit this so they can see/
Outside of Christ youíre bound for life/a slave to your Idolatry/

Self proclaimed kings bragging cause they on chrome/
but 26 inches is a pretty low throne/
They riding on chrome/on chrome/on chrome/
A pretty low throne/low throne/low throne
On chrome/on chrome/on chrome
low throne/low throne/low throne

Verse 2 (Lecrae):
I see ya riding big, boy /
Like Andre and his friend, boy /
Got the SUV with the chromed out feet
and the seats is ostrich skin, boy
and naw that ainít a sin, boy /
but tell me where it ends, boy /
cause the truck donít bring you luck and sho nuf ainít goin pay yo sins, boy /
gone head worship that tin toy
and in the end watch crumple like tin foil /
is that what you really wanna live for, do you read me, dawg?
Is that 10-4? You spent 10-4 for chrome, bruh
but Jesus still donít know ya /
You worship that cold steel and still ya heart is colder /
canít say we ainít told ya / we told you like we sposed ta /
The rims donít derve that prase but the one who does hung like a posta /
you post up on the block so the girls they flock
when they see you ridin by, the boys see ya ridin
high and you the one that they admire
now if ya set jacked and crash that whip
thatíll hurt you pride, yo status stripped /
you thought your car could bless you like itís God
but no my father is /
Idolatry it bothers Him
and when they make some hotter rims /
Your gods gets rusty so you change religions like Madonna did


Verse 3 (Tedashii):
They look hard/like OH, GOD!, and you make them they say/who that?/
So you look hard/like you God, all the while you ainít really got a/ clue that/
E-ve-ry-thang/(thang) was made for the king of kings/
True that/through the only name, higher than every name/
You donít get it then you maybe wanna/move back/
Yeeeeah, Iím trying to tell ya mane/Yeeeeeah, Iím trying to warn ya dog/
You can play me to the left/like Iím dribbling to the right and get defensive/but sin will scorn you dog/
Leave you marred in your vision/all scarred like incisions/
Men marked like in prison/that ainít all dog/
Pretty soon thereís an idol/assuming the Lordís title/
Like Heís idle/but Heís more like a sawed-off/
When it comes, to His glory/
Man please believe me, BOY, Heídonít play that/
This is more, than metaphors/
Man this is the truth so baby, BOY, where your faith at/
Let me help, it should be in One who provides/
Better yet, the only One who could save our lives/
Cause the things on this earth/shouldnít be placed first/
Over Him, the only One who gave us His life/
But on the cool (on the cool)/it ainít sin (it ainít sin), if you ride rims ( ride rims)/(ugh-uhh)
Make it do (make it do)/what it do (what it do)/but whatever you do, donít idolize them/
But if you have (if you have)/then repent/turn back now cry out to Him/
Commandment one, demands that none, be placed above this God in here




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