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01. Welcome To the New

Welcome To The New
by MercyMe


Got to live right / Just stay in line / You’ve heard it all at least a million times / And like me you believed it / They said it wasn't works / But trying harder wouldn't hurt / It sounds so crazy now / But back then you couldn't see it / But now here you are / Eyes open wide / It’s like you’re seeing grace / In a brand new light / For the first time / Let us be the first to welcome you / Welcome to the / Life you thought was too good to be true / Welcome to the new / You broke your back / Kept all the rules / Jumped through the hoops / To make God approve of you / Oh tell me was it worth it / The whole time you were spinning plates / Did you stop to think that maybe He is ok with just you / There’s no need to join the circus / Look at you / Shiny and new / Look at you / You got the proof of purchase / You were purchased / ‘Cause you're worth itLook at you / Finding your groove / Don’t you dare think / That you're not worth it. / ‘Cause you're worth it / Yeah you're worth it

Words and Music by MercyMe, Soli Olds, David Garcia and Ben Glover ©2014 MercyMe Music (ASCAP), Wet As A Fish Music (ASCAP), Soul Glow Activator Music (BMI), D Soul Music. Universal Music Brentwood Benson Publishing (ASCAP) and 9t One Songs. Ariose Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.




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