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05. The Less You Say

You Were Never Alone
by Emery


You ever catch yourself just thinking of a way to get out?
Itís like a reflex motion.
The words slip in and leave a taste that you let linger for days, inside your heart.

We fell asleep, just like before, there under trees
I canít do this anymore

Make this all something thatís behind us
For me, for you, this is not the end but Iím scared

Color your words in a soft subtle sequence
But you force this on us like we shouldnít care
The fields that they will find us in are marked and now
The end, the end, the end is here

We fell asleep, just like before,
You said I canít do this anymore

You better run, you best not stay
They catch you here this all goes away
This all goes away

Just give me a chance to change your mind
Speak with the others you will see
The place that you now hope to find, your peace will cut pieces right out from me

You could make this all go away

Years Swept by us like Seas
And we slept by ourselves to see
We hid hope in our sleeves
And all the world knew we believed

This life took me by the hand
God knows where youíll find yourself in the end

You better run, you best not stay
They catch you here this all goes away
This all goes away.

The less you say the more Iím canít shake
The reason you would leave is the reason you could stay




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