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06. My Shadow Is A Bat

Showbread Is Showdead
by Showbread


Suck my blood
You're teeth are all red
You've got to wear it like it's lipstick
Got to drain it till it's dead
Oh God, here comes the bottom
Oh God, here comes the bottom
Where an ocean flows out of my broken head

Break my bones
Make them rejoice
Suddenly I've fallen silent like I've lost my voice
All the things I do wrong, I do them for me
I keep pretending that I matter
Hoping no one sees

Me oh my
One day we're gonna die

And I can't run around in circles
Screaming, "Why? Why? Why?"
I can't admit that I'm afraid
So I keep up with the charade
Chaos reigns!
We're gonna die die die

Shut your mouth and paint it red
You've got to wear it like a banner
On your stupid head
Go off the rails
Rending the sails
Until we're sinking to the bottom
Straight to hell hell hell

Stretch my lips
Over my crooked teeth
Pull the wool over their eyes
And I keep smiling like a toy
With this veneer that I employ
I make a cage out of my ribs
I've got the snake inside

I've got the snake in me
I've worn out the grace
I sabotage myself
It's just a feast of dirt
Once you give up the hurt
With every rotten thing I do
And every thing I never tell

Oh God, I'm scared
To be myself
Because I'm the one that really knows
Of all the hurt and hell
Oh God, here comes the bottom
Oh God, here comes the bottom
And if we're really giving up
It's time to kiss and tell

And when they see
All of the rot on me
And I can't talk like a thesaurus
The character I like to be
There's no one left to put their tongue
Into my eye, or in my lungs
There's just the one that always sees me
The one that always sees me

Run and hide
Lay down and die
All of my flaming little notions
How I moan and cry
I let you down
Then I turn around
And I just run around in circles
Put my head under the ground




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