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03. BoogiRoot (The Anthem)

by DJ Maj


One time for the Zion crew
We feel splendid how about you
Cause when my people come through
We wanna see you all
Boogie boogie boogie

Now I want everybody to understand
We’re bringing back the boogie baby
It’s been a long time coming
1991 a hundred miles and running
I felt the earth shaking from the BoogiRoot drumming
BoogiRoot drumming Boogi Boogi BoogiRoot drumming
That’s why I wrote a song to make the whole world think
And bring a little balance and boost to the morale
It seems we all have a little something in common
To witness inner peace from all the drama
So we’re rocking the boat with rap quotes
A couple of steel plates faith and lactose
Peaking at around bout 10 on the richter
Blessing the sistas and the mistas with the
(Yak yak yak yak yak)
I got a scratch for the itch you got
Better than a whole fist of rocks
But like a rock when it hits your knots
Bringing you in from the pits and pots come on it’s like that

(Hear this) All over the world we do it like (dat dat dat dat dat)
One time for the Zion crew
We feel splendid how about you
Cause when my people come through
We wanna see you all
Boogie boogie boogie

Ay ay this is a celebration of life everlasting Japan, Germany, Switzerland
All over the world, we’re in club peaceless
Off in the VIP deleting diseases
It doesn’t matter what the heck your need is
We keep it live way past the weed fizz
And we ain’t rocking not Jesus pieces
But ironically we are the Jesus peace kids
The party’s on LA to Queen’s Bridge
Miami Chitown Houston Phoenix
So shake your melon from innocent to felon
And respect the veteran reverend from the pelican
I’m repping for the haters who cannot get in
Keeping my hands in the air till they all get it
We’re wilding out all night with angelic and them
Zion sound system selecta’ Christian
Rewind the disc and listen to this when
Considering eternal existence it’s like that -
So if you’re outside come join the party

(Gabe Real) waoha (Diverse City y’all)
Let the rhythm hit your body no acting naughty ay (alright)
This is real serious no jokes about it (waoha)
So clap your hands cause Zion vibes is irie ay
We hit them with the 1
We hit them with the 1
It’s the rude truth y’all BoogiRoot
Feel it in your truck bang it in your coups y’all
From Mickey D’s to business suites y’all
Dancing in your sneakers or Timberland boots y’all
Oooh child we done found something in common
Throw your headphones on and let it solve all your problems see
Looking around at all these smiley faces
Jah bless the world with all these colorful races like
It goes dat dat dat
We hit them with the 1
We hit them with the 1




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