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12. Ballin' Chains

by DJ Maj


So the question is
Do you got it
Or do it got you
Letís go letís go

Iím feeliní so live because Iím so alive
I just got back from Zion and felt the soul fire
I say we take the city and never give it back
Still forward march attack this time on dirty track
I got this feeling somethingís gonna erupt
So Iím calling all my people to a company front
Weíre gonna bring a new perspective to your cerebellum
Penetrating all borders we donít care where you from
While everybodyís in pursuit of juice and new stuff
I see them thanks spinning your grinning your crew Ė what
It seems apparent that shorties missing their parents
And theyíre bringing them in in flocks to morgues and cell blocks see
You live then you die then itís off the planet
So why we all in panic take breath we breathe for granted
I say we take it back to the place
Where life is more than chasing groupies and cake

So we can sing it from the mountain top (yaaaa)
What you gonna do if they come for you tonight
Why you standing outside in the pouring rain
Letís do away with the ball and chains
My people sing it from the mountain top like (yaaa)
What you gonna do if they come for you tonight
While the rest of the world is going insane
We do away with the ball and chains

Turn me up a little louder
Sound man come light up the sound board
Jah people let me hear you holla
Yell redemption for all the people
Now Iím just a simple man with various limitations
Looking for truth in a complex situation
Cause when that babyís crying you got to handle that
Get your paper stack your stacks
Cause we ainít got no time for lacks
Keeping in mind time is passing
See some times what weíre hustling for
Leave us stuck in the mud
Like cruising along in your new speed boat
Back at the dock hello Mr. Repo
So all my peoples stand up
If youíre feeling the tug inside your inner man
Just understand you got to get those hands up
Itís time to call a truce and be released from the reach
Of the noose and just recognize
The threshold of negative energy
Sometimes the enemy really tends to be inner me
Weíre wasting all our energy spinning round and round
When weíre needing to slow down

So what you know about it
The partyís on and popping
And canít nobody stop it
We keep it live with hotness
So welcome to the new plateau
Tell me how it feels to exist past the status quo
Slash the lassos whips and anything hindering
Saint and sinner man hope youíre listening
Cause when youíre sick and canít get well
And troubleís all on your brain
Remember God came to earth to settle the score
And do away with the ball and chains

Behind the Song:
Sometimes the things we hustle for leave us stuck in the mud. The shiny chains in their various forms that we kill ourselves to earn, many times become the very thing that entraps us. Although we have to keep the lights on, we must also remember the things in our lives that are most important. Or else, our ballin' chains will become our ball & chains. Gain the world and.......(you know the rest). -- DJ Maj




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