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07. (Everybody's Gotta) Song To Sing

Group 1 Crew
by Group 1 Crew


Everybody’s gotta song to sing
So won’t you come now and sing with me
It doesn’t really matter where you’re from or what you’ve done
Everybody’s gotta story to tell
Times we’ve tried and times we failed
So when you feel like hope is gone keep holding on
This is your song

I’ve seen days when my life seemed hard and absurd
All of my words died cause they never were heard, like they
Left my mouth then fell to the curb
Got trampled by life and every lesson I’ve learned
Why do good people leave this earth before their time
It hurts to see death get the best of us first
Yet I know a times comin’ when I
Will feel the breeze in my eyes
Dry my tears and fade away in the sky
I see the day my family believes God
And puts away the facade
Of being ok when I know they’re not
But I know You’re gonna take what I write
Bring this story to life for Your people tonight

Yo everybody has a story
And it needs to be heard
So let it play and resonate
From the hood to the burbs
Whether your sky is grey
And you, been through it all
There’s somebody on this earth
That is singing the same song.
Some one across the Pacific
Is stressed from hard labor,
Searching desperately
Cause he's in need of Savior,
Barely ever home
Ignores his kids for the paper
And you'll never know
This same tune’s being sung by your neighbor
See age doesn't matter
When life wants to fail you
When your color don't determine
Whether you’re destined for failure
We all run to the sun
And hide from the rainy weather
But we make beautiful music
When we all unite together and…

I know it’s been hard
To make it this far
But God knows your heart
And every need

Behind the Song:
"Created many years ago, this song was revised and made into a universal message that can be embraced by anyone with a story of their own. We wanted to encourage every listener to take pride in all that they’ve gone through simply because that story is what sets you apart from everyone else in this world. We’re each unique with a personal history that was intended to help those who you come in contact with. All of us are continually learning and being encouraged through faith- by our sometimes good and sometimes bad tales of life. It’s a powerful message in which we all need to embrace and share." - Group 1 Crew




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