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09. Come Back Home

Group 1 Crew
by Group 1 Crew


Lord Iíve got a problem
And I canít find the solution- no
Iím seeing all these people
Always searching for improvement
Weíre always looking for that next thing to satisfy
But all I see is broken hearts, so many sleepless nights
Help me Lord to help them
Heal that empty feeling inside and we say

So if you really want to know who you are
No more wondering and looking so far
The truth is right in front of you- donít let it go
You need to- come back home
Cause everything you need you can find in Him
Faith in yourself to believe again
Donít let all this time just pass you by
You need to- come back home

No I donít wanna be alone no
I canít do it on my own noÖ

Iím lookiní all around the world and trying to find who I am
And realizing more and more that itís the plight of all man
I wanna know what am I here for and where do I stand
Within the scope of all eternity and destinyís plan
I keep replaying all the things they told me when I was young
That I could be whatever I wanted to be
But Iím far from the dreams I had
cause all I ever seem to feel is bad
Iím trying not to be like dad
or trying to follow every fad - no

From young to oldest we've all
Asked ourselves the same question
Questioning if thereís something more
Then where we all have been
Many have spent their lifetime
In research to find solutions
For the purpose of man-kind
And whatís the real reason
Why we're here and why do
We operate the way we do
And why do continue to
Wonder with out any clues
We wonít put up no more with
Those who try to make us clones
We find ourselves in the blood
Of He who sits on the throne

So, so lost I just canít find my way
Lord I really need you to help me
So, so lost I just cant find my place

Behind the Song:
"This song is a call to every person still struggling with identity and their place in this world and in Godís kingdom. Learning to be content with ourselves and God is a complicated idea for some people who continue to look to this world for happiness. This song invites you to come back to where you belongÖto the arms of a Savior whoís very embrace can define your entire existence." - Group 1 Crew




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