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01. Get Up

by Jake Smith


Verse 1. 3 a.m it came to soon
I was having a fight with myself in my living room
In disbelief I lost to me
So I grabbed my pillow and I went to sleep
And in my dreams it occurred to me
That I would stay up late to vindicate my lack of being
Anything that I was trying to be
But I knew that everything’s okay

Verse 2: I was playing one Friday night
Things were gong right
I forgot my lines and had to freestyle what I didn’t write
I could look out and see the people I know
They were anticipating just to hear me flow and I
Ran out of my words to say
So I decided to give it my best for that day and I
Looked up in a very special way
And knew that everything’s okay

Cause you gotta get up and get the dirt off your shoulder
Wake up and wipe that sleep from your eye
So you won’t waste away your life
Break off from the things that hold you
Grab your stuff and head right through the door
And get ready for so much more

Verse 3: Board to death so I’d write a line
And my asinine rhymes helped to pass the time by
I never knew that I had wasted a die
Till I glanced at the paper there’s still nothing on the page
So I took the time just to gather my thoughts
I would rehears it for a minute just to spit back at ya’ll
Anything that’s on the top of my head
My mind is cluttered
When I rap I stutter
So I will just sing instead


Bridge: If you’re bored with the time you’re living in
Make a change so you won’t have a could have been life
Instead of everyday just trying to get by
Shake it off and move on
Everyday is a new song to sing
To sing





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