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05. Pardon Me Yo

Dichotomy A
by Grits


Tambien, como la tierra, yo pertenezco a todos
No hay un solo gota de odio en mi pecho, sabiersas
Abra mis manos, dispersio las uvas en el viento

Patiently wait for you, pardon me yo
Hopelessly wait for you, pardon me yo
Can't get away from you, pardon me yo
Don't know what to do without you
Pardon me yo-o-o-o, pardon me yo, pardon me yo
Pardon me yo-o-o-o, pardon me yo, pardon me yo

When I sit and think, scatter my brains across the city
Then I'm tickled pink, over matters that get me giddy
Get me in a stink, it's the baddest that make me silly
Do I need a drink? No! Jumpstart a party of pity
It's smart to be cautious, really, and feel, you gotta feel me
Ain't tryin' to be outta' order, just breakin' me offa' quarter
Switchin' positions
Wishin' the sink in the kitchen was bolted
I'm on the brink if they can get it, in my palm, and I hold it
Who play the cover? None other. Smother me like my mother
Oh brother, (you can't) high above me you hover
Your embrace is like (whoo!) lover's power like (bloww)
Get white with my expressions, like, "Wow!"

You see, pardon me yo
Every minute and second I reminisce how your affection has affected me so
And protected me though,
I was wild and disconnected from your presence
Disrespectin' the commitment you expected from my
Body and soul, pardon me yo
But my emotions spinnin' out of control
Cause my physical knows
You're the part of me that gives my heartbeat the rhythm
Combinin' with these natural flows, I could never let go
Or accept no imititation
Determination got me patiently waitin'
For the day that I'm facin' you
Eternally, embraced with you
I can't wait to take my place with you (yo)

Like the earth, I belong to everyone.
There is not a single drop of hatred in my breast.
Open wide my hands, scatter grapes to the wind.
Pardon me, yo?




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