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07. Get Down

Dichotomy A
by Grits


Get down, get down, get down
Get down (are you listening?)
Get down, get down, get down
Get down (listen to this)

When I start I master the art of getting down to the heart
And set apart to spark emotion a the slightest sound
It’s probably one of the realest topics ever spoke upon
Speech that God will impeach
Swallow the chunks which you choke upon
I’m gifted I know it
Still I was wandering in the path
They tell me boy you’re a star, “Sign me your autograph”
This can’t be it though, mind gone staring into space
“Sorry, where was I?”
Thoughts gone without a trace
Was the love of my life, hip-hop guided my life
A combination of the three that would probably me nice
After doing suffice I break the ice with device
And take advice that comes with the price of rolling the dice

Get down, get down, get down
Get down (are you listening?)
Get down, get down, get down (yeah)
Get down (This me right here?) (Listen to this)

I get down with whatever
Pound to the sound of the ground any weather
Storms may come but conform me never
My mind transformed by words
Born to forever live with scorn
But still I’d rather walk in the light of the truth presented
I never understood grace till I really repented
Till I truly committed my total self admitted
Now my hustle has found purpose
And pimpin’ I gotta get it
Even if bloodshed if part of my quest
I’m embracin’ my deathbed
Till I’m collectin’ the rest
I ain’t leavin’ with out receiving what was meant for me
God’s will being fulfilled through my life complete
Get down

Let me get at the verse
Let me get at the vocal
Let me be real as I slowly approach you
Tell me your feelings on the world’s conditions
Sign away but let me get your permission
To release conviction alone…




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