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Get Your Music on Amazon! Podcast: Episode 200 - Two Hundred Songs You Need to Hear! (Special 200th Mega Episode)

Episode 200

"Two Hundred Songs You Need to Hear! (Special 200th Mega Episode)"



Special Guests: John DiBiase, Roger Gelwicks, Josh Taylor, Ryan Barbee, and Mark Rice
Episode 200 Hosted by: Chase Tremaine

200 Songs You Need to Hear - Spotify Playlist:

The list of 200 songs, curated by the JFH Podcast, includes contributions from podcast host Chase Tremaine, JFH editor-in-chief John DiBiase, and seventeen present and former JFH staff writers: Alex Caldwell, Christopher Smith, David Craft, Evan Dickens, John Choquette, Josh Balogh, Josh Taylor, Kevin Chamberlin, Laura Denner, Mark Rice, Michael Weaver, Nathaniel Schexnayder, Roger Gelwicks, Ryan Barbee, Scott Fryberger, Timothy Estabrooks, and Wayne Myatt.

In alphabetical order by artist name:

Abel - "Fire Walk With Me"
Adam Watts - "When a Heart Wakes Up"
All Star United - "Smash Hit"
American Arson - "The King is Alive"
Anberlin - "(fin)"
Anberlin - "Dismantle. Repair."
Anberlin - "Modern Age"
Anberlin - "Stationary Stationery"
Anberlin - "The Unwinding Cable Car"
Andrew Peterson - "Be Kind to Yourself"
Andrew Peterson - "Don't You Want to Thank Someone"
Andrew Peterson - "Is He Worthy?"
Andrew Peterson - "Isn't it Love"
As Cities Burn - "Our World is Grey"
Ascend the Hill - "Be Thou My Vision"
Attalus - "Desolate Isle"
Attalus - "Into The Sea"
Audio Adrenaline - "Ocean Floor"
Audio Adrenaline - "Rest Easy"
Audio Adrenaline - "See Through"
Audio Adrenaline - "Tremble"
Audio Adrenaline - "Will Not Fade"
Beautiful Eulogy - "Messiah"
Beautiful Eulogy - "Symbols and Signs"
Beloved - "Failure On My Lips"
Benjamin Daniel - "73 In Silence"
Bleach - "Rundown Town"
Bleach - "Sufficient/Knocked Out"
Brave Saint Saturn - "Daylight"
Brooke Fraser - "C.S. Lewis Song"
Brooke Fraser - "Faithful"
Burlap to Cashmire - "Basic Instructions"
Charmaine - "Love Reality"
Chris Renzema - "How to Be Yours"
Chris Rice - "What a Heart is Beating For"
Citizens - "Doubting Doubts"
Colony House - "The Hope Inside"
Common Children - "Indiscreet"
Copeland - "On the Safest Ledge"
Copeland - "Pin Your Wings"
David Crowder*Band - "God Almighty, None Compares"
David Crowder*Band - "Shine (SMS)"
dcTalk - "In The Light"
dcTalk - "Jesus Freak"
dcTalk - "What If I Stumble?"
Dead Poetic - "New Medicines"
Dead Poetic - "Vices"
Deas Vail - "Puzzles & Pieces"
Delirious? - "Rain Down"
Dinner and a Suit - "Heartbreak"
Downhere - "Cathedral Made of People"
Downhere - "For the Heartbreak"
Downhere - "Protest to Praise"
Edison Glass - "Let Go"
Edison Glass - "When All We Have Is Taken / Comfort"
Eisley - "Shelter"
Eisley - "Snowfall"
eLi - "King of the Hill"
Emery - "Walls"
Empty Atlas - "Half Magic"
Falling Up - "Intro to the Radio Room"
Falling Up - "Sky Circles"
Five Iron Frenzy - "Dandelions"
Five Iron Frenzy - "Far, Far Away"
Five Iron Frenzy - "Zen & the Art of Xenophobia"
Fleurie - "Hurricane"
Flyleaf - "Again"
Flyleaf - "Great Love"
For King & Country - "Missing"
Forever Changed - "Encounter"
Further Seems Forever - "Hide Nothing"
Further Seems Forever - "Snowbirds and Townies"
Further Seems Forever - "The Sound"
Gable Price & Friends - "You Are My Country"
Grover Levy - "Grace My Life"
Guardian - "Are We Feeling Comfortable Yet?"
Heath McNease - "No Victims"
House of Heroes - "By Your Side"
House of Heroes - "In the Valley of the Dying Sun"
House of Heroes - "Journey into Space (Pt. One)"
idle threat - "the gold grows dim"
Iona - "Empyrean Dawn"
J. Monty - "100 Bars, Pt. 4"
Jars of Clay - "Crazy Times"
Jars of Clay - "Liquid"
Jars of Clay - "Oh My God"
Jars of Clay - "Work"
Jars of Clay - "Worlds Apart"
John Mark McMillan - "Death In Reverse"
John Mark McMillan - "The Road, The Rocks, and The Weeds"
John Van Deusen - "With Every Power Wide Awake"
Johnny Q. Public - "Body Be"
Jon Guerra - "Citizens"
Jon Guerra - "Kingdom of God"
Jonah Folsom - "Stones"
Jonezetta - "Man in a 3K Suit"
Josh Garrels - "Farther Along"
Keith & Kristyn Getty - "He Will Hold Me Fast"
Keith Green - "Asleep in the Light"
Kings Kaleidescope - "W.D.Y.K.A.G.?"
Kings Kaleidoscope - "How Deep"
Kings Kaleidoscope - "Breathing Infinity (The Rush, Pt. 1)"
Kings Kaleidoscope - "Jumping from Jaded Heights (The Rush, Pt. 2)"
Kings Kaleidoscope - "On to the Light (The Rush, Pt. 3)"
Leeland - "Carried to the Table"
Leeland - "Opposite Way"
Leeland - "Tears of the Saints"
Letter Kills - "Don't Believe"
Letter Kills - "Hold My Heart (Part One)"
Lifehouse - "Everything"
Lovedrug - "Down Towards the Healing"
Mae - "Ready and Waiting to Fall"
Mat Kearney - "Closer to Love"
mewithoutYou - "A Glass Can Only Spill What It Contains"
Michael W. Smith - "Friends"
Michael W. Smith - "Missing Person"
My Epic - " - " (aka "Untitled")
My Epic - "Black Light"
My Epic - "Lower Still"
Needtobreathe - "Garden"
Newsboys - "Entertaining Angels"
Newsboys - "Lost the Plot"
Newsboys - "Wherever We Go"
Norma Jean - "Falling from the Sky: Day 7"
Over the Rhine - "Latter Days"
Paper Route - "Balconies "
Petra - "Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows"
PFR - "Fight"
PFR - "Pour Me Out"
Phil Keaggy - "Your Love Broke Through"
Philmont - "The Terminal"
Plankeye - "Goodbye"
Plumb - "Stranded"
Plumb - "Damaged"
Poor Old Lu - "Do I?"
Poor Old Lu - "Rail"
Propaganda - "It's Not Working (The Truth)"
Propaganda - "Made Straight"
Relient K - "Deathbed"
Relient K - "Falling Out"
Relient K - "I Am Understood?"
Relient K - "I So Hate Consequences"
Rich Mullins - "Awesome God"
Rich Mullins - "Calling Out Your Name"
Rich Mullins - "If I Stand"
Rich Mullins - "The Color Green"
Run Kid Run - "Freedom"
Sara Groves - "Conversations"
Sara Groves - "Enough"
Secret & Whisper - "You Are Familiar"
Sent By Ravens - "Need It Today"
Seven Day Jesus - "Butterfly"
Seven Day Jesus - "Strength"
Shawn McDonald - "Through It All"
Sho Baraka - "Maybe Both, 1865"
Showbread - "Anarchy!"
Showbread - "Matthias Replaces Judas"
Showbread - "Mouth Like a Magazine"
Sixpence None the Richer - "A Million Parachutes"
Sixpence None the Richer - "Love, Salvation, the Fear of Death"
Skillet - "Collide"
Skillet - "Locked in a Cage"
Sleeping at Last - "Say"
Smalltown Poets - "I'll Give"
Smalltown Poets - "Love So Divine"
Starfield - "Over My Head"
Starflyer 59 - "Bicycle Rider"
Starflyer 59 - "Longest Line"
Stavesacre - "Rivers Underneath"
Steven Curtis Chapman - "Finish What He Started"
Steven Curtis Chapman - "Heaven Is The Face"
Steven Curtis Chapman - "The Great Adventure"
Steven Delopoulos - "Another Day"
Switchfoot - "Faust, Midas, and Myself"
Switchfoot - "Meant to Live"
Switchfoot - "The Shadow Proves the Sunshine"
Switchfoot - "Twenty Four"
Switchfoot - "Where I Belong"
The Arcadian Wild - "Fall:War"
The Choir - "Cross that River"
The Gray Havens - "Far Kingdom"
The Juliana Theory - "We're at the Top of the World"
The Modern Post - "Grace Alone"
The Swift - "I Need You"
Theocracy - "I Am"
Third Day - "My Hope Is You"
This Day & Age - "Second Place Victory"
Thousand Foot Krutch - "Welcome to the Masquerade"
Tim Timmons - "Great Reward"
TobyMac - "Gone"
Tori Kelly - "Hollow"
Twenty One Pilots - "The Judge"
Twothirtyeight - "Modern Day Prayer"
ubcmusic - "Pulse"
Watashi Wa - "All of Me"
Wavorly - "Tale of the Dragon's Defeat"
Wolves at the Gate - "Asleep"
Wolves at The Gate - "Hindsight"
Wolves at the Gate - "Lowly "

Honorable Mentions (excluded for accessibility and streaming purposes):

Rock N Roll Worship Circus - "I Love the Rain"
The Listening - "Dead Man"
Between Thieves - "Privately"
Five Iron Frenzy - "Every New Day"
Massivivid - "Brightblur"


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