Listen to the new album from Tommee Profitt!
Listen to the new album from Tommee Profitt!

Artist Discography

The Blamed
The Blamed
[1994 - 2003; 2016 - Present]

Style: Punk / Rock
Hometown: California / Illinois
For Fans Of: Blenderhead, Focused, Ninety Pound Wuss

Band Members:
Jeff Locke... Guitar, Vocals
Bryan Gray... Guitar
Sid Duffour... Bass
Jim Chaffin... Drums

Spotify Artist Discography

  1. The Church Is Hurting People, 2019 [Indie Vision Music]
  2. 20 Years...Again, 2019 [Indie Vision Music]
  3. Cassingle digital single, 2019 [Indie Vision Music]
  4. The Blamed / The Satire split EP, 2018 [Indie Vision Music]
  5. The Blamed split EP, 2002 [Kapma Mnpa Records]
  6. Give Us Barabbas, 2002 [Tooth & Nail]
  7. Luti-Kriss / The Blamed split EP, 2001 [Solid State / Grrr Records]
  8. Isolated Incident, 2001 [Grrr Records]
  9. At This Moment EP, 2001 [Computer Club Records]
  10. The Blamed / Noisetoys split EP, 2000 (independent)
  11. The Blamed 7" vinyl, 2000 [Burnt Toast Vinyl]
  12. Germany, 2000 [Burnt Toast Vinyl]
  13. Forever, 1999 [Grrr Records]
  14. ...Again, 1998 [Grrr Records]
  15. Frail, 1996 [Tooth & Nail]
  16. 21, 1994 [Tooth & Nail]

Other Projects

  1. 2Minute Minor (Glenn Wiley Willis)
  2. Blenderhead (Bryan Gray)
  3. Brick Assassin (Sid Duffour)
  4. The Crucified (Jim Chaffin)
  5. Deliverance (Jim Chaffin)
  6. Fasedown (Jim Chaffin)
  7. Headnoise (Jason Seiler, Sid Duffour)
  8. Heroes Among Thieves (Lance Garvin)
  9. Kill System (Lance Garvin)
  10. Klank (Darren "Klank" Diolosa)
  11. Left Out (Jim Chaffin)
  12. Living Sacrifice (Lance Garvin)
  13. October Bird of Death (Sid Duffour)
  14. Rocks in Pink Cement (Bryan Gray)
  15. The Satire (Bryan Gray, Sid Duffour)
  16. Six Feet Deep (Bryan Gray)
  17. Soul Embraced (Lance Garvin)
  18. Stavesacre (Jeremy Moffet)
  19. Throwdown (Lance Garvin)
  20. Vengeance Rising (Johnny Vasquez)
  21. The Wiitala Brothers (Christopher Wiitala, Trevor Wiitala)
  22. Zao (Lance Garvin)

Compilation Contributions

  1. The Greatest Hits You've Never Heard, Vol. 3, 2020 .... "I Guess This Is Goodbye" [Indie Vision Music]
  2. The Great Indie Vision Music Sampler of 2019, 2019 .... "I Guess This Is Goodbye" [Indie Vision Music]
  3. Tooth & Nail Tenth Anniversary Box Set, 2003 .... "1200 Stares" [Tooth & Nail]
  4. Songs From The Penalty Box, Vol. 5, 2002 .... "She Shows Me How" [Tooth & Nail]
  5. The International Punk Rock Box Set, 2001 .... "Running Away Can Be An Ugly Thing" [Meathead Records]
  6. Hard Music Sampler Nov/Dec 2000, 2000 .... "Last Time I Do This For The First Time" [HM Magazine]
  7. Nothing Says "I Love You" Like Punk Rock!, 2000 .... "Still" [Bettie Rocket Records]
  8. Lost Lonely Vicious, 1999 .... "Strawberry Fields Forever" [Boot To Head Records]
  9. Underground 202A, 1999 .... "Safori" [M&M Records]
  10. Fools Rush In Where Angels Dare Not Tread, 1999 .... "Dissonance" [Takehold]
  11. HM Hard Music Sampler - July/August 1998, 1998 .... "Rage" [HM Magazine]
  12. Tooth & Nail 4th Anniversary Box Set, 1997 .... "Walkabout" and "Just Because" [Tooth & Nail]
  13. Sweet Family Music - A Tribute To Stryper, 1996 .... "Soldiers Under Command" [Liquid Disc Records]
  14. Tooth & Nail Sampler, Vol. 1, 1995 .... "Just Because" [Tooth & Nail]
  15. Noize, Vol. 1, 1994 .... "Help Yourself" [Tooth & Nail]
  16. Helpless Amongst Friends, 1994 .... "For You" [Tooth & Nail]

Collector's Items

  1. The Church Is Hurting People vinyl, 2019 [Indie Vision Music]
  2. The Blamed split EP cassette, 2002 [Kapma Mnpa Records]
  3. Luti-Kriss / The Blamed split EP cassette, 2001 [Solid State / Grrr Records]
  4. The Blamed / Noisetoys split EP, 2000 (independent)
  5. The Blamed 7" vinyl, 2000 [Burnt Toast Vinyl]
  6. Frail cassette, 1996 [Tooth & Nail]
  7. 21 cassette, 1994 [Tooth & Nail]

Former Members

  1. Aaron Bradford... Guitar
  2. Christopher Wiitala... Bass
  3. Darren "Klank" Diolosa... Guitars
  4. Eric Churchill... Bass
  5. Gary Ottosi... Bass
  6. Glenn Wiley Willis... Vocals
  7. Jacob Landrau... Guitar, Vocals
  8. James Barnett... Drums
  9. Jason Seiler... Bass
  10. Jeremy Moffet... Vocals
  11. John Hansen... Bass
  12. Johnny Vasquez... Drums
  13. Justin Winokur... Guitar
  14. Lance Garvin... Drums
  15. Mark Aceves... Bass
  16. Matt Switaj... Vocals, Guitar
  17. Trevor Wiitala... Drums

Artist Links

  1. Bandcamp
  2. Facebook




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