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JFH Concert Review

Photos by Laura Nunnery

Skillet, Mute Math, Further Seems Forever
4/21/05, Wilmore, KY at the Ichthus Farm.

Skillet - Main stage: 8:20PM
I was very excited when I heard Skillet was playing at Ichthus this year. Except for seeing them at the Dove Awards this year, I had not seen them perform in a long time. Their show delivered what I have come to expect from Skillet, lots of energy, a spirited crowd, and passion dripping from every song. The stage was decorated with props that appeared on the cover of Collide. Most of the songs they played were from their most recent album, Collide, though they did play a few songs from Alien Youth. Toward the end of the set they went into a worship mode and played a powerful version of "Angels Fall Down" from their Live Ardent Worship album. Their set ended with an explosion of smoke and lights as they sang their popular single, "Savior." Although I would have liked to hear a few more of Skillet's older songs, overall, they put a on a great show and had good interaction with the crowd. Skillet is starting to penetrate mainstream radio and show no signs of slowing down.

Mute Math - Deep End stage: 9:05PM
Lead by the keyboardist of the former band, Earthsuit, Mute Math has become one of the most talked about new bands in Christian music. They even won a Dove Award for "Modern Rock Recorded Song of the Year" this year with their song "Control." I had no idea what to expect from their live show and attended with great anticipation. What I experienced was one of the liveliest shows at Ichthus this year. Drummer Darren King had to use duct tape to keep his headphones in place while he played, and the rest of the band was just as energetic. The band performed instrumental songs as well as songs with lyrics from their Reset EP. They also played some new songs that left listeners hungry for the full album. Lead vocalist Paul Meany entertained the crowd by playing a keytar and dancing around the stage. The bassist not only played bass guitar, but also the bass drum which made the set very interesting. After seeing them perform, I expect great things from Mute Math. They definitely lived up to their reputation and put on one of my favorite performances at Ichthus.

Further Seems Forever - Deep End stage: 10:10PM
Throughout its history as a band, Further Seems Forever has undergone many changes, including having three different lead vocalists. Although I have been a fan of FSF for a long time, this was the first time I got to see them live. The band started with the hit The Moon is Down, and continued by playing a mixture of songs from both its current album and previous albums. The crowd was very into the music and security was tight. Current lead vocalist Jon Bunch sang powerfully and put a unique twist on older FSF songs. The music was loud and the band played skillfully. While Bunch held his own on the stage, I could not help but wish Chris Carrabba or Jason Gleason was singing. Bunch's voice lacks the raw emotion that Carrabba and Gleason possessed, and I am still getting used to the way FSF now sounds. However, the band put on a decent show and was worth seeing.

-- Laura Nunnery, 5/5/05


Ichthus 2005: Thursday Photo Gallery
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Skillet -- 8:20pm Main Stage

Mute Math -- 9:05pm Deep End Stage

Further Seems Forever -- 10:10pm Deep End Stage
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