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02. Quiet Time

Testimony of Chase Caffey
by dawnpatrol


Quiet time this morning just me and Jesus
Take a sip of my coffee then I keep reading
Every page this book got deep meaning
Two wolves inside of all of us only 1 wins which one you feeding?

Tell me whatís the deal?
Thereís an enemy thick as thieves
Looking for a meal
Hungry for the next man he can start to kill
Stash it in the bag
Itís a fact heís trying steal (*facts*)

Back When I was Fiji
None of my friends Could see me
No cell reception
No posting bout my weekend
Late night it was raining
My heart it was aching
Lord was really workin on my walls
They started breaking
I got free

Shame depression and regret
You have to leave
Never been the same since
Thatís the light inside of me
Little light a mineí shining like a bunch a LEDís

Picture it - Years later
In Hawaii - Surfing waves
Phone rings - Invitation
Opportunity - On a plane

One mission - Spread the gospel
One reason - Jesus saves

Love the poor - Chengdu
Feed the hungry - Beijing

Now we pulling up in Guatemala
Carrying blocks up a mountain
Trying to build a little chicken coop
So the local people can eat something

Situation - escalates
Serving god ainít always easy
Surrounded by 5 men with machetes
Making my stomach go queasy

He my protector
He never left us
So what I lost a couple bills
Better than my phalanges

Sometimes I donít understand
If things just happen by chance
I keep on making my plans
he keep directing my stance

He is the reason that I keep believing
Thereís good on the earth
He is the reason that I keep on seeing the good in the hurt

Maybe your someone who struggles with things that you didnít deserve
Talking with Him will increase your worth

Iíve seen international College students
Think Jesus Christ is a superhero
You may think itís funny
But to them see they donít know any better
Their phones wonít let them
Sad and pathetic
How would you feel if the road to enlightenment was a VPN

Jesus paid it when he died for you
The Truth should not be something that should frighten you.

Thereís a war for your soul in the spiritual
Truth be told both sides want that W

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