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03. Lights Fashion Cars Money

Testimony of Chase Caffey
by dawnpatrol


Let me tell you about a man
that I used to know
I was only 17
But it Feel like many years ago
Living out my dreams
I was Feeling pretty wonderful
Makin music
Doing shows it was plentiful
Super beneficial

I Spent the most time making sick beats
I Spent my other time smoking good weed
Sitting pretty yet I can’t help but to think
Somethings kinda off deep inside of me

I had a lot of things going for me
Lil charm Plus some skill
That’s a real anointing
I was looking for the thrill
Tryna be important
I was looking for a deal
In the wrong department
I was in the wrong store
I Had everything I wanted
But somehow I wanted more
Ever since I was a youngin
loved the lord
Guess I set him on the shelf
When he made me kinda bored

I was living like this
Left side Christian
Right side sipping!
Sober in the morning
But by Nighttime Lit
Praying for my dinner
Then I take another hit
Couldn’t see the problem
Wasn’t nothing wrong with it
In my mind I was justified living
Never saw the line I was crossing
In the middle
Too in the love with the world and it’s children -I was caught up in the

“Lights Fashion Cars Money”

Got my real first break
Rapping in LA
Stepping on a stage
Opened up for Wale
Couple weeks later
Feeling like a billionaire
Sharing up the same stage
With Chamillionaire
Lots of others
But I think you get the point
Pretty cool experience
For being self employed
But boys will boys
And girls will girls
Fell into a whirlwind of sin Unprepared Like

Should have said woah
Grip too tight
Should of let go
Moving too fast
Losing my control
Thought I knew it all
Little did I know
Only felt high
When I got real low

True story

Fast forward
Left college in the year
I need a plane to take the pain
Far away from here

So I did it
I mean I got a ticket
Spent the summer in hawaii
Staying pretty well hidden

It’s funny though
I thought things would be different
Fell back into habitual addiction

Same thing
Just a different place
Same struggle
Just a different state

Honestly it broke my heart
Till a man with man bun
Caught me off guard

He said
My name is Tim
I’m from YWAM Kona
Tonight is Monday night
Any chance you wanna show up?

Not really
But I tagged along quiet
Heidi baker Preached
And it changed my whole life
Ever since that night
I’ve been tryna live right
Kicking sin to the curb
Have you heard?
You don’t really need the -
“Lights Fashion Cars Money”

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