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04. Faith Journey

Testimony of Chase Caffey
by dawnpatrol


In 2013
10 people formed a team
Flying overseas
Tryna transform communities
(RIP commtrans)

We could only bring
A couple things
Passports IDs
you know what I mean

Dancing my way (way)
up through TSA (A)
What ya gonna say
It’s a brand new day (day)

Bunch a young people
And we filled with the spirit
Matthew 28
The whole world gonna hear it!

This is our skill set
Liz brought her kid
And Petes a paramedic

Carrie is a pillar of the faith
Don’t forget it
And Joe got the Camera
Just to prove that we did it all

Tim and Kate both
Are the leaders of the crew
Got some Norwegian spice
All thanks to Knut

Chelsea is a cook
Making meals with some flavor
And I’m the guy who
Made a song a 10 years later

“So…Statistically speaking we had a 60% chance of getting sick, a 30% chance of getting robbed, and the oh so comforting 10 percent chance of dying - great my life is literally a tithe now”


8 hour plane ride
Finally land
Hopping off the plane
Realize I’m stranded

Can I go back
Please don’t make me do this
You already signed contract
Boy you so foolish

That’s how it felt
we all were kind of Timid
Only white people
In a world of Fijians

Fear started creeping
Made me wanna hide
Little did we know
The Holy Spirit was our tour guide

Now we on the move
Double edge sword
You know what to do

Moving to the beat
Feel it in the Woofer
Meeting all our neighbors
Ask em’ do ya need some sugar

Praying for the sick
Meeting lots of new people
Making new friends
Like Walter and Louisa

Gettin pretty loud
Cause we Singing lots a praise
Growing in the word
God Stirring up the faith

Tell me
Can you hear the sound
Victory Horns as we conquer new ground

Partner with the local
C3 in our town
Team starting to grow
Into something so profound

Life’s good
Feeling bliss

Till Tim and Kate
Told us all to gather up and sit

They said “the only way to say this is to say it”

“Your going on a Faith Journey
Starting in the morning”


Alright a Faith Journey
Consist of three rules to survive

Each of these
Crucial if you do not wanna die

I recognize
To some this may come as a surprise
But you can not chicken out and sneak back to the house at night

Also - Participations mandatory
And remember this
god gets all the glory

Honestly we’re pretty sure
You’ll be fine
Teams of 2 to 3
That’s something we’ll decide
You must leave the house
For a week
Taking nothing with you
But shoes up on your feet

Read Matthew 10
It’s the great commission
Try not to sin

Take $20
And have fun
Don’t come back till
The lord says your done

To sum it up in words
We’ll that’s really all
Good luck
God speed
And don’t you dare try to call


Now I don’t wanna start this out Complaining
But how come my partners
English is their second language

Oh well

I trust that god knows what he doin
So me K-Nut hit the road
Day 1 grooving

Only got a twenty so
How Should we spend it?
Headin to Tavuni
But we need a ferry ticket

Dock master says it’s $10 each.
Quick prayer
Should we do it?
We take one a piece!

One hour down and we’re already
coolest part about it
Was ya boys were STOKED

Walk-in by Faith
when we heard God SPOKE
Did we have a plan
When we got there? NOPE

Man shoot
This is really fun
Man I’m kinda hungry
What we got for lunch?

Holy buns lunch!
We don’t even have a food!
If I have to eat Knut
I would probably have him stewed

Calm down I didn’t say it
I just thought it
In my defense I was
7,000 miles from an Olive Garden

And you’d probably do the same thing
Up in my position
But … I digress
It’s a pointless conversation

So We make it to Tavuni
And we’re getting off the dock
We could really use some shelter
And by some I mean a lot

So we take a little moment
Asking god where we should go
We Both hear the word South
And Start walk-in up the road

Called an audible
Now we’re going north
First thing that we see
Is a AOG church

Knocking on the door
Like “how ya doin neighbor
Here to tell your family
About our Lord and Savior”

Door opens
No Fijian
man named Dharmin
He’s pure blood Indian

always thought that we would die
But never turned into curry
He invited us inside
Turns out he wasn’t scary

We talked a bit
And he agreed we could stay
On one condition
We would go into the hospital
And pray

Hopped inside the truck
And we were on our way
Went inside
And laid hands
On the sick where they lay

Praying in the name of Jesus
Seeing people saved
Feeling overjoyed
Like “Knut, man we made it!”

But Mr.Dharmin
He had one last trick
Brought us both to the back
To a woman who was sick

Come to find
They believe she had demons
Didn’t even have my bible with me
I can’t believe it!

I didn’t need it!
I just prayed in the spirit!
Got down on my knees
Thinking that would help him hear it!

She never woke up
That had me choked
How do you react
When something doesn’t go the way you hoped

That’s a real life question
Faith Journey teaching me some
Real life lessons

Spent the next week
In the same town preaching
Knut got sick
Stayed at the house sleeping

Did a lot of good things
But it was time for us to go
In the back of my mind
I thought that Dharmin
Would get us home

But he never did
He just gave us a ride
Told us to have faith
Dropped us off said goodbye

Sitting at the dock
With no money for the fare
Captain says last call
Time to set sail

Argued with the lady told her
We believe in god
Then she told me I should ask
If we could use his credit card

Moment kinda Awk
Bunch of people on a boat
2 people on a dock

Blabbing at the mouth
Trying to make their way on
But the captain wants money
And ya boys have none

But just when you think the
Boys ain’t going
A mysterious man in the front
Gave a signal

The captain looked back
And said “are you sure”
The man just nodded
And she said “all aboard!”

Now we’re both just crying
Can’t believe were gettin on a boat
Leaving From the island

Still don’t know who the man
That paid was
All we had was faith
In return he saved us

Guess the lord did it
Now we can’t forget
After gettin off the boat
Someone bought us bus tickets

Yes you do
You know who
Mysterious man
Now sitting rear view

Knut still sick
But we’re glad to get back
Mysterious man
Started buying us snacks

Ask him what his name was
So I could say thanks
Munching on the snacks
Haven’t eaten all day

He never talked to me
But instead gave us cake
“This part of the story is weird…
Like who just has cake on a bus?”

Finally arrived
Asked him for his name
But he never did reply
In return I did the same

Got off the bus
Same place that we started
Saw the man through the window
He Threw me a Shaka


Wow - well god
That was really cool
Either he was an angel
Or you just really moved

When we walk in faith
God is watching every move
Feeling like we won
After a journey so huge

Ran back to the house
Hoping we would find our team
Can’t wait to hug them all
Tell them bout the whole thing

But no one was home
We’re the first ones back
Opened up the fridge
All the food had gone bad

Funny little story
But it’s true and it happened
Our team started showing up
Back to the cabin

The joy that we felt in those moments
We’re surreal
Knowing that they hadn’t died
And conquered all the fear

Joe and girls
Stayed close by in town
Had their own struggles
But they’re made it work out

Pete and Liz
Really get the MVP
Somehow made it to Australia
In just one week

Tim and Kate
Made their way up to Nandi
Encouraging the people
Lookin like the hands and feet

Everyone was fine
In the end thankfully
No major injuries
I did got stung by a bee though

Faith Journey
Made an impact
Haven’t really since
Done anything like that

Always be special in my mind
When I think back
If you really wanna try it
I would tell ya

Gotta have faith!

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