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07. Bring The Light

Testimony of Chase Caffey
by dawnpatrol


Round 1
Bring the light

In the blue corner
Me myself and I
5í9 175

In the red corner

Nothing but 6í3 210 of sin

This should be a good a fight

Bell rings
Touch gloves
And the fightís on

Canít remember
how I got into this one

Wonít stop
Till the lord
Says weíll done

Couple jabs
but Iím still
Playing defense
Sin laughs
And it feels like pretense
Somethings coming
But I canít tell what
Sin rears right back
Throwing me the first punch like

Guaranteed that Landed

I need a new plan been
Taken my opponent for granted
Thought that my flesh could stand it
Right now this flesh gettin branded
Right now this flesh gettin handed

Holy Spirit I could use interference

Hold up
Hold up
Got it!

Got a little verse
That could heal where it hurts
E 6:12
Listen to the words

We got the Armor of god
Lets Put it on
Iím feeling strong
Letís have some fun

Lead hook to the body
1 - 2 combo
Tempo like mambo
Whatís popping

Lotta fight in me
But I feel weak
Tryna fight envy
Tryna be meek

Lord I need more of you
and less of me

Enemy tryna get the last laugh
Bringing up my past
Talking lotta trash
Telling me Iím riff raff
Running outta gas

I donít need anything
to believe
in the lies
In disguise that he breathes
Thatís fake

All I need
To achieve
In the ring
Is the uppercut
Tell me
How does that taste?

Feeling like
What I do
Making some move
Stuck in my groove
Now I canít lose
God is my witness
We are his children
This is the truth

1 (feet of peace)
2 (shield of faith)
3 (sword of the spirit)
4 (belt of truth)
5 (plate of righteousness)
6 (helmet of salvation)
7 Ö
8 Ö
9 Ö
10 Ö


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