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10. What Are You Doing?

Testimony of Chase Caffey
by dawnpatrol


Knick knack
Paddy whack
Where to pin the blame at
Pointer finger pointing yet
Three fingers pointing back
Quick to get defensive
When offended
Homie it’s a fact
Play this in a Cadillac
Guarantee it slaps

Nice to meet ya
Heat coming out the speaker
Used to watch the game
Left my nachos in the bleachers
Holy Spirit helped me make the beat
Just so we could reach ya

Don’t let Jesus go to voicemail
He could be the wind
To lift you up up parasail
He could be the only cup
You drink from holy grail
keep you on the right track
Moving like a monorail

Being of the world’s
Like a sewer rat
Think your pretty comfortable
Living in a bunch a trash
Deep down
Wanna come back but the devil
Trying Keep your mouth shut
Zipped up Like a Fanny pack


Start it off right
playin for the king
Now the team shine bright
Red brown yellow black or white
We are all perfect in his sight

Chop up the beat
Paul bunion
Hopping in the crowd
Like I just lost something

Give god everything
You will lack nothing
It’s all up for grabs
Who really want to sonship?

Raise your hands
Like , “I do”
Life without Hims
A long road “Tokaido”
Social media
Could be a new idol
If you got a question
There’s an answer in the Bible

Baby back bunny Bass
Bouncing like a bobble head
Beat got ya picking up ya feet
Like an ottoman
I need more wisdom in my life
Like Solomon
Jesus got a place for me
Can’t wait till I’m moving in

This one for the books
for the ones
Bumping King Kong in the trunk
No matter how it looks
Run it

I know Deep inside
We got a calling
That we’re crawling to it
May be understated
But your life is very valuable
If you think it isn’t
Get to business
There’s a problem dude I
Think you think he’s thinking
You should wallow in your solitude
That is simply not the truth
Don’t get all entangled
With the devil or his goofy goons
Lying bout the promise
Of a bigger brighter better youth
You and me are chosen
Set on fire
For the holy truth

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