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06. Poisoned

by Psalm


We listen to distorted reports of this poisoned world we live in
Take it as the truth and then pass it to boys and girls as children
If what youíre giving your time to defines you
Then what you giving your time to, decide who
You wanna be in this age of the prophecy
And then maybe think on it deeper than what you see on TV
Cause media they sell lies and sell ties
You fall into the fallacy and thatís when the self dies
They glamorize sex and they glorify drugs
And as long as it can make you feel good it must be love
But if it doesnít it isnít and if itís broken donít fix it
You throw whatís broken right away and find you something else that isnít
Thatís why kids are making kids but then failing to make a family
Why everbodyís loving everybody in the back seat
In the back of the lac on the lap of the mac with a fat fat sack and a black gat strapped
And we rap like that and we brag that fact then we wonder why the kids are going rat a tat tat
Stop, yo youíll do anything they tell you to
They get paid to say it and you only make yourself the fool
So keep the media turned up and learn stuff
That you couldnít take to the bank just for them to burn up

Boy you can drink that poison down
I say down down down it goes
Surely you sink and you start to drown
I say down down down it goes
We go so low
La da-de-da da-de-da da-de-da da-de-da da-de-da da-de-da da-de-da-da

You know youíre beautiful but your sin has made you ugly
I got a wife who loves me so please quit trying to get lucky
Lusty women trying to get me off, stop the ride and let me off
Itís like we lost all sight of the savior soon as he left the cross
Left me tossed in a world that left me lost
And I need to find my way back to my home at any cost
Pentecostals and the catholics and the baptists in my way
You best put money in the plate if you want the time of day
And so I pray I donít get caught in religiosity
That I may miss the lessons in my life my God has got for me
Hypocrisy in church judges those with sinful deeds
But we pick our secret vices and become the least of these
Check how many christian husbands living strung out on pornography
How many christian wives are crying out each night whatís wrong with me
Why couldnít I be all I needs, why shouldnít I be all he sees
Itís crippling our churches yet a sickness we donít wanna treat
Cause the minute you think itís all figured out
Is the minute that you risk missing what life is all about
And the very second you start thinking youíre above the rest
Thatís the very second youíre about to fail your test


I know Iím dirty and Iím low down
But the mercy shown is profound
There are times when I donít know how
You would ever go out of your way to blow out
All the fires I been starting up
And all the sin Iíve needed pardoned from
With all the times my heart has hardened up
How can you be large enough
To not give in and carve me up
Just leave me and feed me to all the roaches
Cause Iíve been down right nasty oh man I have been ferocious
And I would hate my guts if I were you oh man I know this
But the poison in my veins has been removed oh God you show this
So I pray for clarity and wisdom in these times
So that I may see your name as itís been written in these signs
So that I may be encouraged to have no man left behind
I just want to bring an anecdote to the poisons of the mind

Boy you can lay your burdens down
Down down down it goes
Trust if you pray that the lost get found
I was lost til he found my soul
He paid that toll

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