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07. My Neighbor's Friend

by Psalm


I think most the planet’s burnt if I’m really speaking honest
We searching for a light but there’s never a beacon on us
Dirty dad is peaking on his daughter when the mama’s not around
If he gets caught he’ll probably do a year and then get out
If we follow her now and watch how it all turns out
She gets that life sentence with the bags that burden her down
Looking for love she’s burnt out and rappers call her hoe
They pass her to the homie she’s just looking for a home
We can look her up online and spank our monkeys to her sex vids
We don’t see the pain from day to day don’t see the six kids
Looking up to mama wondering why there’s so much drama
And they meet a lot of different men but they never met their father
Why should we bother even kids who get the good homes
Are quick to stray away from the direction that they should go
All of this pressure it’s gone get us in the end
Cause everywhere I look I see the devil is my neighbor’s friend

Ooh-na-na ooh-na-na ooh-na-na ooh-na-na
Ooh-na-na ooh-na-na ooh-na-na ooh-na-na
I see the devil is my neighbor’s friend
(Scratch vocals)

He’s in the club popping mad pills
They’re all prescribed to him
Doctor said they’d fix him up
I guess the doctor lied to him
He’s feeling chipper cause the liquor’s going right through him
Medicating in a way that many folks have died doing
So why do it for a fix that could be lethal
And we all just assume that it must be ok, it’s legal
The people take the medicine, 44 of them dead again
An everyday statistic Jack open up and let it in
You have an affliction? Here take this addiction
We can cover those symptoms if you just fill this prescription
But yo those drugs you’ve been given well they may make you feel sick
And so here’s a couple more scrips that will fix you up in a tick
I feel like oh what do they know just worried about that bank roll
And they can’t sell you meds less you’re sick so they hope you stay so
All of this greed is bound to get us in the end
Cause everywhere I turn it seems the devil is my neighbor’s friend


Banging on the block with his homies since an early age
Looking up to gangsters and thinking that crime surely pays
His mom is worried prays for her child every night
But God ain’t really listening cause his mom ain’t even living right
And so he gets in fights working out frustrations
With blood and bruises leaving dudes with cuts and lacerations
Of course it isn’t long before he steps up to the big league
Robbing banks and killing dudes, making money with fiends
And all his big dreams, media inspired
They fill his ears with hopes and fears but all of them are liars
They feed the fires that are sweeping through our city streets
Not his tattoos scare off every person that he meets
They won’t approach him they don’t care about his plight, no
And now he’s just another tenant of the night, oh
It might get better we could change how it ends
If we turn our backs to Satan and we try to be our neighbor’s friends

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