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12. Forgive Me

by Psalm


God forgive me for this vanity I fall for
Trying to give myself the glory knowing that itís all yours
I fall short of the kind of man I try to be
Filled with pride violent fires deep down inside of me
And I can act so self righteously so it isnít always Christ they see
Please let them see some light in me, for it may be the light they need
And please forgive me for this filthy mouth I talk with
Never seem to see the way Iím talking can be toxic
Forgive me God for every single time I back slide
Falling on my back side then looking up to ask why
With all the times Iíve fallen why you still calling
And how am I supposed to walk with you I canít even keep crawling
So please forgive me for all the ones that are lost
Because I led them down a path that led away from the cross
And now Iím saved by your grace while they still carry their burdens
With all the people Iíve hurt in this life Iím so undeserving
But you forgive me for everything that Iíve done
With unconditional love, washed in the blood of your son
If you forgive me God like I know that you do
Wonít you put it here inside my heart and help me to forgive them too

I - Iím so weak
Never can find what I seek
But oh God in you I try
Wonít you lead
This broken man
I do what I can
Please forgive me God of mine

God I thank you for your continuing grace
Through all this hate thatís in my heart and all this sin in my face
And God I thank you for the way you always hold me
And slowly mold me from the tired broken old me
Console me when Iím down at my worst
And Iím drowning in hurt so low Iím doubting my worth
But then the clouds all disperse and I hear the sound of your mercy
And it really donít matter how often I fall you pick me out of the dirt
So God I thank you and I give you my life
Cause when I tried keeping it for myself I wasnít living it right
Needed a different type of approach youíve given me sight
So now Iím wishing youíd write me in God Iím itching to fight
The battle let me handle demons Iíll scatter em
With the power of Jesusís name, swearing the reason I came
Only to bring in the flame, wait for the season to change
Heavenly kingdoms to rein, people saying heís insane
Maybe theyíre right because Iím crazy for this new love
Cause for the first time in my life yo I feel true love
So God I thank you and all things that I do
Are ever working towards the day that everyone else will thank you too


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