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15. Never Forever

by Psalm


Yeah, boy meets girl, happens everyday
And they feel like theyíre compatible in every way
Canít keep their faces separated and emotions are strong
And itís so easy to imagine the feeling is life long
So they go along never paying attention
Or using any protection until the girl gets pregnant
Then they both try to do the right thing
Get married have a go at the husband and wife thing
But a nice ring doesnít mean forever
Where there used to be love now theyíre screaming together
The ties are seeming to sever and could it be too late
Mom and dad, husband and wife are turning into only room mates
Her friends say leave him his friends say get laid
Nine times out of ten they do what theyíre friends say
Stray when the boy meets a girl one day
And they feel like theyíre compatible in every way
Itís not a long time Ďfore it rips the fam
When the mom finds out it hits the fan
And now the true loveís gone or maybe buried in sin
And itís up to them to leave it there or try to find it again
Because the grass is always greener but the lust wonít last
So instead of jumping fences you should water your grass
I said

As we go on here together
Shall we never say forever
Ties we grow on quickly sever
So letís never say forever

Look, it started off in middle school homie real straight
A bad kid his father said he was a mistake
Word, popping pills on that high life
Met this chick she was smart and the shy type
A couple months what it took to get in her head
Worst day of her was the day they met
Look, at first everything was decent
Six months later he got bored and started cheating
Didnít believe it til she seen it in his face
Started laying hands on her just to get her off his case
She was hurting and knew he was selling drugs
So when he fell asleep she grabbed the pipe and fell in love
A month later got pulled over chasing paper
Now heís in corrections, searching for a savior
Twenty years later, she prostitutes and tweaking
While heís at the church reaching lives preaching


Told me that she loved me, no one come above me
Never for a second did I think it would get ugly
It started out good all the kisses and the love yaís
Brought her home to mama told my mama this the one, yeah
Then she started tripping strange on the regular
Felt like she disappearing playing on her cellular
Didnít have the heart to ask wasnít gonna question her
But I was really feeling like I wasnít getting the best of her
First she tried to lie then she told me it was too late
Sitting here thinking girl you faker than a toupeí
How you gone play me when I tried to give you everything
Guess it wasnít nothing to you when I gave you that wedding ring
But anyways now Iím on to the next one
Never let a lover treat you like you ainít the best one
Know what youíre worth and never settle for the less than
Amount of all the effort and the time that you invest in


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