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16. I Knew A Girl

by Psalm


I - I - I knew a girl

And I knew a girl then
Called her my girlfriend
But I was in love with myself so left her in the whirl wind
I just didnít quite understand
The burdens of being a man
So like a fool I just ran
Round ever ruining plans
Ruining hearts, ruining dreams
Tore em apart, the stupidest thing
I wish I could tell her Iím sorry
Wish I could take it all back
Wish I could tell her thatís not me
Wish I had known how to act
But I was selfish, I was so cruel
Til I had felt this ruining too
Now I can see damage done
God look what she has become
So taken advantage of
I should have been standing up
To give her my seat
Or open a door
To show her respect
Let her know sheís adored
Cause now Iím a parent and really just praying
The kids that weíre raising will know what Iím saying
And give out the love that I couldnít afford

Fathers be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers and turn into mothers
So mothers be good to your daughters too

And I knew a guy society liked
He had all the fine things money could buy
But his family was left out since the day that he stepped out
And now days heís stressed out cause his daughterís a wreck now
He left her behind yeah when she was just nine
He said that heíd still be around, but he just never found time
And mom was a wino, but that was all fine though
Cause it made her blind to the signs when the daughter declined slow
And the father who never made time
Would give away every last time
Thereís nothing that he wouldnít try
If it meant that his girl could be fine
But no itís just too late to sew up all those breaks
And so he sits and up late and holds on those mistakes
And he can see damage done
God look what she has become
So taken advantage of
He should have been standing up
To teach her of life, teach her of love
To give her the light and fight to show her that she is enough but


And I knew a man who folks thought was a bad dude
He scared off his neighbors with multiple tattoos
His family was poor and they lived in a trailer
And people would whisper and call him a failure
But his little girl knew the truth her dad was a genuine hero
For love that he showed her from youth that couldnít be bought with deniro
Zero dollars didnít care, she didnít care
Because through all this he was there to help prepare
Her heart for a great big world, such an amazing world
And he helped her look for the beauty the way that he raised his girl
And should there be damage done
If the woman she has become
Gets taken advantage of
You know heíll be standing up
To teach her of life and teach her of love
To give her the light and fight to show her that she is enough
And one day the daughter will turn to a mother
And sheíll love her children each day in the way that she knows that her father has loved her

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