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19. Walk Away

by Psalm


Oh I - I just died in your arms tonight
Must have been something you said
I just died in your arms tonight
Oh I - I just died in your arms tonight
Must have been some kind of kiss
I should have walked away
I should have walked away

In the beginning oh man you still remember
You were so into her never could forget her
Young so dumb and so much passion
Running off of nothing but a physical attraction
Thinking it was love and you thought it was everlasting
Never mind you had another girl back then
Who really loved you really did
Dreamed of a house with a couple of kids
But you broke that heart shook that girl
Stole her trust and you took her world
And climbed in bed with a brand new fling
Man I wonder what you did with the promise rings
You were so quick to give your heart away
Now look where you are today
Stuck in a rut where itís hard to say
That place that it was where you parted ways
And the truthís still so hard to face
What you gonna tell your kids
You and their mom is breaking up cause you really donít even know who she is
Sit drift and reminisce and you wish you could go back
But in this life thereís no rewinding time youíre on this one way track


So much can change without us knowing
Just a little river can become an ocean
No true love just mixed emotions
Somewhere someone lost devotion
Just coasting through this life
Donít matter whether wrong or right
All you wanna do is win the fight
Only wanna prove donít wanna try
So youíre laying down at night
By someone you donít love
When you thought that you did you were just a kid and you didnít even know what true love was
Now itís messed up the games you play
Donít wanna be alone so you have to stay
But youíre staying out late so donít have to face
All the hate in your home that you have today
And you both got your secrets now
And you both got your own reasons now
And you both got your excuses here
But neither one believes them now
And you both should be reaching out
But you just let your hearts decay
Til you fall for the charms in another girlís arms
And I guess you should just walk away


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