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18. My Shelter

by Psalm


Be my shelter be my shield be my shephard
I need your help so I can heal like the leper
This world may melt away but still youíre forever
So please help us remember til the day that weíre together
That itís all you, all you
Broken bodies all new
Thatís the reason Iíll do
Anything Iím called to
What if I donít follow through
Give it up and put it all on you
So often true I fall unglued then back to church with hallelujs
Why do I think Iím so special that I would hear your message
Cause I canít even sit through sermons without getting restless
I confess this new perspectiveís vexing at times
As I try to navigate my way through my emotions and your signs
And I feel the other side fighting madly for my soul
It isnít something Iím just saying I see it daily and know
That the devil wants me back and Iím always close to stumbling
Cause there are times when even I will sit and miss his company
And Iím so wishy washy, big Mr. Busy Body
Get back on my horse and start to think I donít need anybody
So knock me down God, and have your way here
And plant your seed so that your tree of life may stay near
And although I may fear all that tomorrow brings
I let my faith steer for youíre tomorrowís king
So let my sorrows bring me ever closer to your presence
And may your interventions turn my stresses into blessings
And although Iím stepping through the valley of the shadow God
Still I know that you wonít give me something I canít handle God
So help me battle on, let this be my battle song
And lead me to the gates of Zion out of Babylon
Cause I been lost I been lost I been so gone
But Iím found and Iíve found I can hold on
Just to the promise of your word because I know itís true
So it isnít hard to hold on when Iím holding you
Iíve given glory to the wrong one many times
Ignoring many signs Iíve corrupted many lives
And stepped on many guys trying to reach that top floor
But every time I tried to rise I only dropped more
But now itís done let my path be peace
No more reaching for the things that are past my reach
I wanna store up my treasures where I can save them
Up in heaven with my Father God, amen

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