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05. Warren Worthington Is No Angel

Lyrical Masterpieces
by Ben Knight


Hello my name is Warren my life is never boring
Since I first grew my wings you know I'm always soaring
I wasn't always flying sold out I wasn't buying
Looking in the mirror always found myself denying

But then one day a fire changed my life
Saved my friends and found out who I was
And now I take flight
Was on my own but I felt called to fight
To try to be a symbol or maybe some sort of light

I thought I was a savior until I met Xavier
He thought I needed a change to curb my rude behavior
To be part of a team under authority
That kind of situation doesn't sit to well with me

I planned to leave just as soon as I could
Had to get out of there while the getting was good
Until I saw her face and then everything changed
I still remember the day I first met Jean Gray

They call me Angel but I ain't no Angel
I'd be human if only I was able
But I'm a mutant and the whole world hates me
I guess that's just the way it goes will they come up with a cure who knows
Til then I guess I'll just have to fly and let my wings be my guide

Never apologized for how I lived my life
Being rich and a mutant always caused some strife
Cyclops and Wolverine I guess they hated me
Because of all the times and every way I hit on Jean

I couldn't help how I felt about her
If they get her off my brain I would sure take that cure
After a while I had to let it all go
Before an energy beam or a claw hit my dome

Inside I feel the same this never was a game
Up to this point of my life I haven't earned my name
Can't be an X-Men light be grounded and take flight
Have to choose to be more or be lost out of sight

There's been enough of the pain caused by me
Need to make a new start and turn over a new leaf
With Candy Southern by my side I'll be fine
Wounds and scars will all heal all we need is some time

I've thought about it a lot gonna take all that I've got
For me to change how you see me
I just wanna believe now can't you hear my plea

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