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Summer Soundtracks

Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Soundtracks

So one of my favorite things about summer is driving down the interstate, windows down, and having a really great CD playing in the stereo and pouring out the windows for all the transporting world to hear. There is nothing quite like that. I sometimes believe it is the epitome of freedom that we, as young adults, experience.
These are some soundtracks that have defined numerous summers for me. Maybe they have for you as well. Regardless, I'd love for you all to share some of your summer soundtracks.  Maybe we'll gain some more =)
1. Anberlin- Never Take Friendship Personal 
I first heard Anberlin the summer of 2005. I saw them twice in two months and was completely hooked. Needless to say, the rest is history. NTFP never left my stereo. Everything about that CD reminds me of the memories I made that summer.
2. Family Force 5- Business Up Front, Party In The Back
It's just the perfect dance music that gets you pumped up for anything.  I don't think I need to say much more.
3. Jonezetta- Popularity
I popped this song into my car stereo last summer on the way to the beach and it just stuck. It felt right. That CD is so liberating. Liberation is summer. I don't know. It makes sense to me.
4. Mae- The Everglow
This CD had a March street date back in 2005 and I'm pretty sure I ended up buying it that May (how apropos). I was so blown away by it and the emotions it fueled within me that I couldn't NOT listen to it. Tracks like "The Ocean" and "This Is The Countdown"  have great imagery attached to them, in my memory.
5. Underoath- They're Only Chasing Safety
Same deal with Underoath. I think I actually bought these two CDs on the same shopping trip. I had just gotten over a breakup, and this CD seemed to fit that situation perfectly in my life. It seemed to ease all the confusion and heartache. It helped me get all my anger out in a pretty healthy way =P
6. Relient K- Two Lefts Don't Make A Right, But Three Do
Alright, now this takes me back to my middle school years. "Chapstick, Chapped Lips, And Things Like Chemistry"? Yeah, that definitely spoke to me. The complexity and simple appearance of these songs is what made them so appealing and easy to identify with at the young age of 13. They were fun and easily became the soundtrack to every major event during those precious, tormenting years.

7. Five Iron Frenzy-The End Is Near 

Ska = perfect summer music. It fits the mood perfectly, does it not? This CD never left my player (I know, way old school, right?) during my trip to the Bahamas. So a tropical setting is definitely implanted in my head for this CD. No matter where or when I listen to it.

8. Sky Harbor- Who Would Have Guessed
Wow. Old school band. Not sure many even really heard them or were really into them. But nonetheless, "In Stereo," was that song that played in the background of the festivals, got everyone pumped up and feeling good. It was really right. The whole album is really enjoyable. I know it accompanied me on many long and daunting road trips.

9. SwitchfootThe Beautiful Letdown
The first time I saw Switchfoot was at Cornerstone Florida 2004 I believe. 2004 or 2003. Regardless, "Meant To Live" was the anthem for every young adult, and seeing them live really set the stage for my adoration of this band and their passion.

10. Terminal- How The Lonely Keep
Terminal is one of the best bands I've ever heard. And it is beyond a shame that they were so under-the-radar and given up on so soon. It's a tragic story. But we at least have "How The Lonely Keep" to satisfy ourselves. This album is really pensive and feels very delicate. And I think that's what was so appealing to me. It provided a nice contrast against the rest of my CD/music collection. Travis Bryant's voice is just too convincing and raw. I could go on, but I just suggest you listen for yourself, if you haven't already...

11. The Almost- Southern Weather
The title of the album says it all. The various situations and emotions covered on this album are unbeatable. Especially when expressed through none other than Aaron Gillespie himself. I think this CD basically describes my life in an 11-track disc. Impressive, right? The guitars just make my heart melt. And it just feels right to turn up the stereo really loud and roll down the windows with this. It's a journey, for sure.

So that is my list of my favorite summer soundtracks (hope it wasn't too terribly long!). 
How about yours?

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