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Listen to the new album from Sara Groves!

When Your Heart Needs A Song...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

When Your Heart Needs A Song...

It's no secret that living the Christian life is difficult. Most of us experience dry spells and "why God?" moments in our lives -- some more frequently than others -- and we often find those times where God seems distant or altogether silent.

I was thinking this afternoon about how God speaks differently to everyone -- even how He might use a song to touch my heart when I need it most, but use a completely different song to reach someone else in a similar way. Like, for me, being a guy who got into Christian music as a young teen in the early 90's and was touched greatly by a band's ministry like Audio Adrenaline's, I have often been reached on a different level by their music. So, for me, God's often reached my heart through a song like "Tremble" (from their 2001 album "Lift") in a much deeper way than - quite honestly - anything I've heard from your usual worship leader artists (I don't necessarily fully grasp why that is). So here's the point of this blog -- I enjoy reading every comment made on here and I was wondering today what is a song that you really feel God uses to move your heart and spirit? If you can pick one song and jot it down here with maybe an example of a situation of how God's used it (if you're up for that), I'd love to hear it and I'm sure others would to.

...And if you get a chance, check out "Tremble" by AudioA (although the punks on iTunes made it an "Album Only" track... which is lame. But most of the rest of that record is pretty excellent too if you want to spring for it. "Glory" is probably one of my all-time favorite upbeat worship songs.)

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