Listen to the new album, United, from the Newsboys!
Listen to the new album, United, from the Newsboys!

New Girl

Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Girl

Sooooo, I've been a little intimidated about starting this up. I guess at first I felt like I had better have something groundbreaking to say every time, otherwise they'd kick me off for sure. But, looking around I found a friend of  mine on here and he seems to be getting by just fine with day to day stuff plus the occasional epiphany, and that’s just my style so I'm gonna give this my best try.

Wendy, and I just rejoined the guys from a short radio tour. We were hanging out with radio peeps all over the country and got a chance to get to know our radio rep Steve a lot better. Its funny how some of the best people seem to hide in  the  woodwork until bam, your like "Wow, this is one of the funniest guys ever, and I almost never knew!" Anyhow, we are currently driving down from Oregon to Hollywood, CA in  our awesome RV, AKA Larry Paradise. 

I have to say the Pacific Northwest is by far my favorite part of this beautiful country of ours. I just really love being here. Who couldn't love a place where there are forests made up almost entirely of huge Christmas trees?  We have been crossing the country for several weeks now and we have had the opportunity to meet countless new people, and hang out with some of our best friends as well. Festival season may be a sweaty and dusty  time, but the  people make it well worth it.

All of this ride time has given me license to read like a fiend and I have been loving it. I started a new series, and also discovered an amazing book, which turned out to be on the best sellers list and apparently everyone and their brother knows all about it. Its called The Shack, and it looks and sounds like its kind of creepy, but inside its one of the coolest books I have ever read. Its been waking up my spirit in a way. Sometimes I feel like inside of me there is all this energy or something like magic, but when I look around its like magic doesn’t happen here on earth so I feel lonely. But this book is helping me see that that energy is the Love of God, and He's going to bring that power back to earth through me and all of His children.

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