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Listen to the new album from Sara Groves!

Why I don't listen to my radio

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why I don't listen to my radio

It's a sad fact, but it's true: 75% of the time, my local Christian radio station never plays anything I consider "good". In a way, it's a bit of a breath of fresh air when they spin Switchfoot or Sanctus Real, but most of the time it's the same old mediocre pop or hip-hop, which is about when I lose intrest.

I've noticed that this malady isn't limited to CCM radio, but is also prevelant in many mainstream stations as well. Mediocre pop, rap, hip-hop, and R&B, with the occasional gem of a song thrown in for good measure. And in the end it begs the question: why? Because it sells, and if it sells, it makes money, and if it makes money, record labels want more of it. So in the end the world's music trends are governed by a group of corporate entities, whose main focus is making money; not a very healthy situation, musically.

Much of the talent exists among the independents, unsigned bands who don't care for impressing the execs at their record label.  Some kudos has to be given to Tooth & Nail for signing on many of these bands (especially just this year), and not trying to fit them into a mold that would destroy who they were. Many other small Christian record labels seem to be catching on over the last three or four years, and good for them.

Now, if only the radio stations would follow suit with their playlists...

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