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Just Stuff

Monday, January 25, 2010

Just Stuff

Just Stuff

 On the road,  it seems like something is always broken.  Today it was a headlight in our van, tomorrow maybe tim’s amp will blow up or my cymbals will crack.  Who knows?  Something will be broken,  that’s for sure.   Practically everyday I’m  frantically searching for the duct tape. Sometimes we fix things the right way,  like the other day we took the van to the shop to have new brake pads put on,  but lots of times our methods are…well primitive,  to say the least.

            Thinking about all these broken things,  I noticed some rust on the hardware on one of my drums.  I remembered that verse in Matthew chapter 6 that tells about how moth and rust destroy,  and that thieves break in and steal things.  I was talking with Matt Jameson,  the drummer for The Wedding.  Last week their van was broken into and all of their backpacks were stolen.  In a matter of minutes all their laptops,  ipods,  etc were gone.  I would have been pretty upset if that would have happened to me.  Matt seemed pretty cool about the whole situation as he was telling me that it really is “just stuff.”  As we talked a bit more he said that nothing is really ours to begin with.  All the things we own actually belong to God and he can freely give or take them away.  

            My computer is pretty rickety.  It’s been dropped way too many times.  I’ve gone through 3 hard drives,  and the battery is held in place by,  you guesed it,  duct tape.   The more I thought about all of this,  I started to realize what a grip things can have on us.  I honestly feel like I NEED my laptop,  and to some extent it’s true.  But If all I’m investing in this life are things.  something is definitely wrong.   Let’s not forget that people are what really matter,  things can always be replaced. 



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