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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So, I miss ska music.  Who's with me?  You?  Yes?  Yes.

The acquiring of The Rise and Fall of Five Iron Frenzy (review coming soon, I promise) has put me in a ska mood as of late.  It's mostly been FIF, but I've also grooved to the O.C. Supertones lately, too.  Now, I myself, am partial to FIF over the Supertones, but I started wondering how many people would take that side with me if I were to pose the question.  So, which band does everyone prefer?  (On a tangent, I'm deciding on these two because they're the top two Christian ska bands.  There have been other good ones too, like The Insyderz, Nifty Tom 50, Freeto Boat, Buck Enterprises and more, but FIF and the Supertones top them all, hands down).

My other question is, personal preferences aside, which band crafted better songs?  They both have decent-sized discographies, so it may be a tall order, but who do you think was just overall a better band (if you can even say one was better than the other)?  Again, I want this second question to be answered objectively (disregard favorites for this one).

I would say FIF for both questions.  I prefer them, and I do think they wrote better songs.  Granted, they wrote a lot of silly songs, but their serious ones were gorgeous.  No offense to the Supertones, cause they were great too, but there's my answer.  Your turn!

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