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Listen to the new single from Elevation Worship!

Ants and MTV

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ants and MTV

Hello ladies and gentlemen of the internet.  It’s good to find you here for another week’s installment of “The random musings of one of the dudes in Satellites and Sirens”.  Maybe that should be the real title of these blogs...or maybe not.  In my head it sounds like a fun title, but I’ll have to talk that out with the powers that be.  I should also talk to the powers that be about my house’s air conditioning.  As of right now, it’s about 98 outside here in Nashville, and it’s almost 90 in my house.  The AC is set for 70, but apparently 70 sounds a lot like 90 to the thermostat in my house.  I had a little pep talk with him, and verified that this sort of behavior isn’t exactly what I would call “ideal”.  I made some calls, and someone with a little more sway is coming to take care of the problem tomorrow.  Sorry AC unit, but you’re about to have surgery.  


I’m not sure what the deal is, but that isn’t the only other drama in my house today.  I also had to conquer a small army of ants that decided to invade my house.  I’m thankful that ants are remarkably well organized, because I had a pretty easy time figuring out where their point of entry, and their point of destination was.  While talking on the phone with a friend today, I randomly noticed quite a crowd of tiny ants milling about on my kitchen floor.  They were pretty localized. Meaning, they weren’t everywhere.  So, I got my Inspector Gadget hat on and started snooping around.  I found that they had somehow entered the house from under my back door, which is quite a feet in and of itself, and they were making their way to the trash can in the kitchen.  Thank goodness that the trash is relatively close to the back door.  There was literally a parade of ants marching from under the back door, right to the trash can.  My house is pretty darn clean, so this was a bit of a shock.  I can’t remember the last time I saw a bug in the house, which is a minor miracle of its own accord.  I couldn’t remember if I had bug spray anywhere, but I was suspicious that I did....and sure enough, I found it.  And that stuff is amazing.  Armed with my bug spray, the Parade ‘O Ants was halted, and my day would resume as usual (save for the AC part).  Whew. 


On to other news...We were recently informed that we’re going to be spotlighted by MTV as one of their “Needle in a Haystack” artists.  They’re putting us right on the front of their page, and they’re also making our single “Anchor” available as a free download to the masses.  We’ll be spotlighted on their site June 22-27.  This is yet another fantastic opportunity to get our music out there.  The spotlight on MTV will go up in the afternoon on June 22nd.  We would greatly appreciate your support by visiting us on there, and downloading “Anchor”.  You guys rock.


On a more thoughtful note, I spent a lot of time lately thinking about the “greatest” commandment of the Bible, Luke 10:27.  He answered: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.”  


I’ve been thinking mostly about whether I really live that out every day.  I can say with some pretty strong certainty that I don’t.   I can think of many times where I have barely said Grace before a meal, let alone spent any real time with God.  Now, granted, that doesn’t mean I don’t love Him, or that somehow means that I’m not a Christian (right now it just means I’m honest).  As I’ve been thinking over that passage, I’m reminded that God’s grace and forgiveness is really pretty simple.  The circumstances might not be, but at the heart of it, our relationship with God is relatively simple.  We are to love Him with everything we have.  We first have to know and believe that He loves us, and then...the next step is just jumping in and loving Him.  When you love someone, you want to do nothing but do what’s best for them.  It doesn’t mean things will be perfect, but you love them all the same.  When you love someone, you also take to heart the guidance that they give you, and I sure know God’s good at that.  I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I know He loves me and I know I love Him.  I just think sometimes that I could do a better job of it.  Then again...maybe I’m doing better than I think.  I hope so. 


Be Blessed,



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