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Pop Rally Tour Blog Days 2 and 3

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pop Rally Tour Blog Days 2 and 3

Hey there, users of the internet! Miah here, typing to you from Tommy's MacBook, and hanging out in safe, lovely, Port Huron, MI. WiFi has been avoiding us the past day or so, but we won the fight tonight lol. So first, a slight recap of Day 2.

Last night, Thursday 9/9, we played in Monroe, MI with our pals in Satellites & Sirens, and Michigan-based bands Cannons and The Undivided. It was a good time, and it was a nice early fall-outdoor show. Things were going along swimmingly until S&S took the stage. Technology proved to be too much for the band from the future as the sound system shut down on 3 separate occasions during their set. For me, it was both good and bad, as the first time the system shut off, S&S was playing my favorite song entitled "Breaking The Noise". So I suppose they really did end up "breaking the noise", eh? Oh boy, I crack myself up way too much sometimes lol. Nonetheless, it all worked out, and we all went along our merry way. Which brings us to today, also known as Day 3, here in Port Huron.

Day 3 has taught us two things: vans and click tracks hate TgT. It seems that every van we've ever had (all 2 of them) somehow ends up being really shaky, and we've done everything we know to do to make this not happen anymore. We think we finally got it, but this tours not over yet lol. And for all you techy people out there, take note that if you need cables, splitters, patches, cords, plugs, Tyco RC Maximum Heat, or anything technologically related, don't go to Radio Shack. Poor Jameson had to make 2 trips to get the same thing. Thankfully, it ended up working out just fine, and we had a rockin show in the Blue Water city. Also very cool to see and hang out with future tour mates Temple Veil, who you all need to check out for sure. But for now, we head to 12:47am...being the rock stars we we leave bright and early for PA at 7am! Next stop for the Pop Rally Tour is Ignite Festival 2010 in Meadville, PA. After it's all said and done there, I'll be hittin ya with more news and views from the road!  See you at the shows!!

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