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Listen to the new album from Sara Groves!

Pop Rally Tour wrap up - All good things come to an end

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pop Rally Tour wrap up - All good things come to an end

And as soon as it began, it was over. The Pop Rally Tour featuring TgT and Satellites & Sirens has ended. It was a very interesting, exciting, and exausting twelve days, but one thing is certain, God was with us every step of the way! We met so many amazing new friends, and saw some amazing places/things for the first time (Punxsutawny Phil, Scranton, PA, the state of Maine, lobster). It was quite a time for us as a band.

Of the many things I'll be taking from this tour, one thing that really affected me was the amazing hospitality our bands recieved while on the road. When you do this sort of thing 150-200 dates a year, there's truly an air of uncertainty that follows you. Sometimes never really knowing when you'll be sleeping in a bed again as opposed to your trusty sleeping bag, or if dinner is going to be the pop tarts Mom sent along with you, or a home cooked meal. I thank God that at every stop, every need was met. I can tell you that my heart was filled with joy by people I had only met that same day. God's love is as real as ever, and in that week and a half, I saw it in action. What a blessing to know that as we continue to travel and all that, that God will NEVER let us down! I'm thankful this day!

I'm also thankful for my beautiful wife and little baby girl. It's so good to see them as I return home. Nothing beats being able to come home from being blessed and seeing the two most amazing blessings God ever made, at least in my opinion ;-). But I can say that I'll miss them once again as TgT embarks on another run kicking off October 8th, entitled the Rebuild Your Love Tour. For the second half of the dates, we'll be joined by our friends in the Tampa, FL based duo Temple Veil. For all information on dates for that, please check out I'll be looking forward to sharing my daily thoughts with you during that time, and I've enjoyed sharing with you during this run! Be blessed, and stay safe out there!

love always,

Miah & TgT

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