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Listen to the new single from Elevation Worship!

TGT Tour Blog - Season With Salt And Salt Water

Thursday, November 10, 2011

TGT Tour Blog - Season With Salt And Salt Water

  What is up everybody! It’s Zack here from TGT filling you in on a little bit of our tour as it goes. It’s been a couple days since the last blog so I got a lot to fill you all in on. Last thing you heard we were down in Key West, FL having an amazing time with all of our new friends. (you’re the man Jeff from 33-3.) We played at Impact Church down there and had a great time. It was a smaller Church but let me tell you, the kids that crammed into that church put most crowds to shame! They had an amazing energy and you could tell that God was there in that room. So a huge shout out to all of you who came out to Impact Church in Key West and to Timothy, the man behind the whole show. You guys are the bomb! Well along our journey we may have had a bit of an incident. Our new friend Jeff took us out on an amazing Jet Ski tour. We had a blast! Well you see, as we were coming around the corner from a beautiful little cove, I happened to not be paying as much attention and accidentally ran into the back of Jameson going around 45 mph. Thanks to the awesome power of our God, neither one of us were seriously injured. One sore wrist, and a couple roughed up Jet Skis, we are thankful that is all that happened. So there’s that little bit for yah. The next morning we headed out of the Keys and up to Naples for our show at Center Pointe Community Church. Let me tell yah, Naples knows how to throw down! There was an amazing crowd and the staff was just amazing as well. We got to kick it with Call FM while we were there. Got to spend some time talking to Jillian and Josh who are both awesome people! We also got to kick it with our new friend Todd from CPCC. He took us to a really nice waterside diner and paid for our lunch. And let me tell you, it was delicious! So a big shout out to the amazing people of Center Pointe Community Church and Call FM! You guys rock! So here we are at the next day where we headed out for Punta Gorda, FL . We played for a high school Young life group and had a blast! All the kids there were awesome and really knew how to have a fun time. Later on that night we drove to our host home where we met Ginger and Doctor M. These have got to be the nicest people I have ever met! They greeted us with a big old smile and some hot delicious food, (which let me tell you is the #1 way to a man’s heart). We got to spend some good quality time with the two then headed off for bed. The next day (which was yesterday for those not keeping track…like myself haha) we got up and went out to lunch with Tom, who heads up the Young Life here in Punta Gorda. We had us some good old Chicago style chili cheese dogs and headed off to our next show. We played an acoustic set for the Wylde Life group at Punta Gorda Middle School where 71 kids showed up! It was an awesome time! So now here we are. Getting up and moving about to head out for Labelle, Florida today! We are extremely excited and ready for another show!

So we have been doing some devotionals here along this tour, and they have been nothing but amazing. It’s really nice to have something like a devotional to help keep you grounded. Especially when you can’t go to church because you’re traveling so much. So the other day we were doing a devotional right before we left Naples, FL and it was talking about seasonings. You know like cooking seasoning. At first it really threw me for a loop, like what could this have to do with anything? But in reality it makes a very good point. As Christians, we need to be the seasoning of this earth. We want to be the reason people look at Christians and say “wow, this really is better with God in my life.” Much like any dish will taste better with some seasonings on it. So here’s a little something to help you remember to be the seasoning of this earth. It’s as simple as this, every time you sit down to eat and reach for the salt and pepper, just think of ways that you can be a seasoning to this world.

I hope you are all well! God bless each and every one of you out there. Continue to pray for this band and our ministry. We are not here looking for fame or riches; we only pray that we get the message of our Lord Jesus Christ out into the world for those who need to hear it. God bless you,



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