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Speaking of Which...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Speaking of Which...

Reading Lindsay's blog got me thinking about some things.

I've always wondered why so many people use the term "sell-out" with Christian bands when they sign a big name record label. What's the point? Isn't it every band's dream to make it big? This also brings up a topic of how the mainstream can change bands. I've heard a lot of people saying that bands like Switchfoot, Relient K, and even Anberlin have all sold out because they signed with a major label and now they're dropping all the spiritual parts of their band for money. I'd like to set some things straight and let people know that many of the Christian bands that are out there have really kept their spiritual stance in tact.

Let's start with Relient K. So many people have been disappointed in Relient K because of how popular they've become and how they don't use God or Jesus in thier songs anymore, yet it's obvious that many of these people haven't taken the time to really listen to the band's heart and writing. Go out and listen to "Deathbed" from Five Score and Seven Years Ago, and you'll see they are blatant about their faith, using scripture to get the point across that only Jesus is the right person (and way) to follow.

I've worried about so many bands like Relient K and the others I've mentioned above because I don't want to see the mainstream life take them to a place where the love for money is stronger than their love for God. Yet every time, each one of these bands have gone on to prove me wrong. Relient K was the first, because after the huge success of Mmhmm, they got signed to Capitol Records, and they literally blew me out of the water with the spiritual content of Five Score.... What about Switchfoot, after The Beautiful Letdown? The album got them signed to a mainstream label and they released two very spiritual (and quite entertaining) records through them. But Switchfoot knew what was happening and they knew they couldn't work with Sony Records anymore, so they moved on to an independent level, and the new Switchfoot record at the end of this year is definitely one I'm looking forward to.

Also, let me just say that I have a whole lot of faith in Anberlin, through three records on Tooth and Nail records, the last of which garnered JfH's own Album of the Year. With a title like New Surrender, it seems they might be giving a jolt to the secular and Christian music industries.

I guess all in all, what I'm getting at here is that just because a Christian band gets signed to a mainstream label doesn't necessarily mean they will lose their faith. Bands upon bands have proved me wrong, and I think the future will show that this will continue to be a re-occuring thing.

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