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06. Of All The Places

While I'm Waiting
by John Waller


Carefully they wrapped Him and they laid Him on the hay
Infinite Creator, the Truth, the Life, the Way
And it seems like such a shame
To find the name above all names
In such a cold, unholy place

Of all the places for the Lord of Lords
Of all the places for a King
Of all the places for deity to be
Who would imagine that He would come to this place for me?

Cruelly they mocked Him
And they nailed Him to a beam
Father, forgive them was the whisper of Calvary
How could they just stand and watch the "Great I Am"
Dying for man?

In the rubble of my life
He found what was left of me
He entered in and bound up the wounds that tortured me
And I was so amazed to see Him face to face
O, amazing is His grace
All of the places
From the manager to the cross
To the hearts of the lost
Of all of the places
Carefully they wrapped Him and they laid Him on the hay…

Scott Johnson, John Waller © 2009 Right-Brained Publishing (BMI) (admin. by Copyright Solutions) / Travelin’ Zoo Music (ASCAP) (admin. by EMI CMG Publishing)

Behind the Song:
"I co-wrote this song with a good friend. The idea is that of all the places that God Almighty, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Deity could come, he came into three of the most unlikely places imaginable. The first was a manger, a dirty feeding trough. The second was his brutal death on a rugged cross. But the dirtiest place that he came to was my heart." - John Waller




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