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21. Firestarter (Co Starring Group 1 Crew)

Five-Two Television
by KJ-52


thereís a fire up in here
thereís a fire up in here
theres a fire up in here

turn it up till the fire started
burn it up till the fire started
hurry up and get the fire started
we gone spark it fire started

now where thereís smoke thereís fire
did ya know what you hold inside ya
itís a hope you should know to try taí
let it show kind of like youíd hold a lighter
hold it up till thereís no one brighter
hold it up till the glow gone blind ya
hold it up till it goes no higher
and show the love of the one Messiah
he should be ya sole desire
but we wanna go and hide ya
we never wanna go and shine ya
so we roll through life like we go w/ blinders
can you see the souls beside ya
crying out for some hope in life the
time is now for us to go and try taí
shine so bright not sort of kind a

what I wrote is with the hope desired
that what I spoke will leave you so excited
that youíll go and take the whole assignment
to wake up those who wanna close they eyelids
I state that Iím so inspired
He is great there is no one like it
my mistakes that I know now that I did
He threw it all away to where no one finds it
and Iím so reminded
I start over like Iím slow rewinding
plus I know when I go w/ his timing
its perfect Iím certain I know that Iíll find it
itís a fact that we know just to shine this
he comes back and youíll know that heíll find us
on a track to bring light to the lightless
holla back and shine Christ to the lifeless

theres a fire up in here
theres a fire up in here


turn up the ac call us crazy
we just like a little hot up in the place we
choose to praise he aint no maybe
we doing this to see the roof catch flames be
before you go and call the fire department
if the spirit is falling tell me why is you calling huh
we in the business of making his name known
and leaving the spot blown with no way to call home
so just stop drop and roll with it
if Jesus is all in it then consider it finished
he knows the need of a people thatís cold
thatís why heís taking control so let the fire explode




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