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06. My Story

Now Is Not Forever
by B.Reith


My story is a simple one to tell
Popped out my momma's tummy 26th of January winter up in Milwaukee
Twenty minutes later peein' on the doctor's shirt
Pops makin' jokes sayin' "Look doc it works!"
So the tell me anyways, I can't remember anything before pre-K
It's all blurred together and each day my memory fades like worn leather
But what I can recall is sweeter than warm weather with a cool breeze
Saturdays were heaven, wake up watch cartoons from 7 straight to 11
Then it's outside to play whatever sport was in season
My cousins they were older so that made me the weak one
But it didn't stop me, all we did was play we made up our own games
Rolled up socks and faked like they were hand grenades makin' forts out of couches
Mom would come home mad at how messed up the house was
I stayed out of trouble most of the time
But when I got out of line Pops would smack my behind
The wonder years are over now somehow I'm fully grown
Still I fully know I didn't make it this far on my own

There is no way to count all of the mistakes I have made
And I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for Your grace
And you're still here with me, You never gave up after all this time
And I owe it all to You, You're the one that got me through
You wrote my story

Looking back on high school I see how foolish that I really was
I thought I was the coolest dude there ever was
'Til I went off to college and learned nobody there even knew who I was
It all taught me that I fall short
Like junior year when they cut me even though I left it all on the court
I had to learn how to fail and to fall
So I could learn how to get up shake the dust off walk and stand tall
Learn how to call on the one who's been there through it all
I remember when I got the phone call
Freshman year in Virginia, my grandfather passed away
Eight years after my grandmother guess he couldn't wait
To see her on the other side at the funeral I cried
So hard I never knew I'd hurt that bad inside
But over time wounds heal and all that's remembered
Is the love that we shared while together forever

This is my story and I wouldn't change a thing
I was put here for a purpose this was written by a King
Was carefully designed, hand-crafted and made
By the One who's never made a mistake
I want to give all it takes from here on out to make up for lost time
But what's done is done and I can't press rewind
And all of my regrets are chasin' me from behind
But the future's unwritten I'm racin' towards the finish line
So from here on out everyday counts
I know Your grace meets me no matter what the amount
Despite that I'm hard-hearted, You gave me a clean slate
And promised that You'd finish what you've started
And even though a four minute long song can barely scratch the surface
It's sure enough to show I'm far from perfect
So thank You for the past, help me live in the present
To prepare me for the future 'til my story ends

(Brian Reith)

Behind the Song:
"We all have a story. Every now and then I'll look at somebody and wonder, "What's their story? What have they been through?" Acts 17:26 says: "(God) determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live." I have a story to tell, and God is the author. My Story is that story. It has some fun moments, and some heart felt moments, because that's what my life is like." - B.Reith




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