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07. U Should Know

Now Is Not Forever
by B.Reith


I never thought that I would meet that special someone til
You came along and froze me still
I'm not sure that we were meant to be together yet
I can't stop thinking bout you-u-u-u-u
We both got a lot on our plate and we don't wanna make
A mistake that will take us away from the Way
I'll give you time and space, oh but just in case you didn't notice
I wanted you to know this

You should know how much i love you
It hasn't changed since the moment that we met
Let me remind you i'm crazy about you
In case you ever happen to forget

Never in my life have I felt like this, never knew my heart could melt like this
I'm like an ice cream sundae on a hot sunny summer day I need to find shade
But next to you's where I wanna be, I'm so anxious but true love's worth waitin for so i''m
gone stay patient, i can't ignore this feelin inside but I can control it,
So let's take our time and slowly move forward
Or I will end up way ahead of myself, my heart is on fire I don't want it to melt
You're the type of lady I can already tell, I could lose it all for and still be well
Okay then, let me slow down before I get a little bit ahead of myself and accidentally slip
up and say somethin that I can't take back, well, it might be too late for that so here it is

If you're second guessin, lets ask the tough questions
Test this love to see if it's for real
I ain't goin nowhere til' you say it's over
Lets build this love so it can last through storms

(Brian Reith copyright 2009)

Behind the Song:
"So there was this girl... Anyways, we were developing a friendship and both knew that we had to move real slowly. But I wanted her to know that I liked her a lot. U Should Know is a song of affirmation. I wrote it out of a real scenario, so it was very easy to voice both the concern about moving forward and my strong feelings. "I'm like an ice cream sundae on a hot sunny summer day. I need to find shade but next to you is where I wanna be."" - B.Reith




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