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09. Old School

Now Is Not Forever
by B.Reith


You can imagine how I felt when I heard the news
They said I can't rap and sing but I had to choose WHAT??
I just looked at 'em and started laughin'
I don't think you understand just call me Bo Jackson
If Deion could play two sports at the same time
I'm pretty sure that I can sing and can rhyme
I'm quite confident in my competence
I'm not too concerned with your compliments
If I gotta work twice as hard then so be it
But I'm gonna make this happen whether you believe it or not
These jokers can't even see what I got
The type of killer combo that will make you breathe and stop
Still critics wanna doubt my skill
Stare me down sizin' me up like a value meal
I'm tested and approved dog, value's real
And still I save my best moves like Zoolander saved blue steel
So tired of trying to please everyone, a million different opinions
I'm just going to be myself whether they like it or not, I'm giving it all that I got

They said keep on doin' what you do B
And maybe one day you'll end up in the movies
Maybe I can play Shaggy in Scooby Doo 3 and co-star with Angelina Julie
Oops I meant Jolie okee-dokee
I didn't come just to mess around and make jokes see
I got a mission an agenda and an antidote peep
A contradiction to the message of Oprah Winfrey
Oops, did I just say that out loud? Well there you go now it's out
I won't be in her magazine or on her t.v. show now
But I refused to be duped into believin'
The truth is whatever you choose to believe in
Oh boy here come the protesters
Get out your helmets and your bullet proof vests 'cause
They're comin' for you if you rock the boat
But I'm gonna go against the flow of the status quo 'cause I'm

You can't put me in a box or put me in a genre
I'm gonna work it out like my name was Jane Fonda
I came from the same city as Jeffrey Dahmer
That don't make me crazy you can ask my momma
She raised me to behave and not to 'cause drama
Sorry for this one I had to let 'em have it
The flow's still automatic I told you I'm back at oh
Just call me O.J. I had to take a stab at it
Woa! There's some tongue in cheek
Want beats here you go I make one a week
Put some hot sauce on the top be careful they're spicy
Plus I'm nice with the mic see they like it like Mikey
More flavorful than Hi-C cooler than Icees
Was born two weeks early or I would have been a Pisces
Couldn't have been said more precisely
Better book me now before I get to pricey

I know you are entitled to your own opinion
But that don't mean that you now how to run my business
See I'm a work in progress that is still not finished, Iím still not finished

(Brian Reith copyright 2009)

Behind the Song:
"Old School is a very sarcastic song that gives me the opportunity to let my hair down and make jokes while making a point that I can't please everybody. Over the years a lot of people with good intentions have given me bad advice, believe it or not. Some said I should stop rapping and just sing, others said I should be more pop, while others said more soul... I've heard it all. Over the years I've learned that each of us are uniquely made individuals that must find our own identity and path that God has laid out for us. There isn't a blue print to being original. The song is called Old School because of the production; I love how it turned out. My favorite line is: "They said keep on doin what you do B, and maybe one day you'll end up in the movies, maybe I could play Shaggy in Scooby Doo 3 and co-star with Angelina Jolie..." Definitely the most fun song on the record." - B.Reith




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