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02. Hold On

Dear Future, Come Get Me
by The Fold


I had that stupid dream again where I meet my end on the top of a car on the 90. In my hands I hold all of my favorite things, 1 by 1 they fall behind me. Is this some kinda cheap metaphor for the way I live? I havenít had a chance to process it. So I hold on, for dear life, hold on tonight. Bah bah bah bah, Hold on, Hold On. I sway and shove to the meter of one thousand cars at full speed. I know deep within me that Iím still asleep but my brain wonít tell my body. It feels like a subconscious revenge for the the way Iíve lived, I havenít had a chance to process it. So I hold on, to my sheets, hold on tonight. To say I already knew the way to get my mind off of you anyway. In a way I donít want to. In a way itís all that I needed to say. You best believe itís happening before you know it. Just hold on tonight.

Behind the Song:
ďAaron had the intro/chorus written musically. We're all fans of songs that have similar chord patterns in the verse and chorus; it just flows nicely. So, the goal with this song was simplicity. Lyrically, the inspiration came from a dream I had one night just before we started recording. I literally had a dream that I was performing a balancing act with my new Mac laptop while standing on the top of my car while someone else was driving it at warped speeds down the highway here in Chicago. It seemed like such a significant, symbolic dream to have, but it was also SO ridiculous that I just had to put it down on paper. So the song simply states all I could do with the dream, the situation, my life: Hold On." - Daniel Castady (The Fold)




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