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05. Midnight

Dear Future, Come Get Me
by The Fold


Things have changed my chemicals have shifted, Iím a different person every time we meet. Iím caught in a trap like a rabbit on a track. Itís an angry attack, left a scar on my back. Here is my real sad story... He was 5í6 with a sentimental crucifix hanging down his neck. She was sweet sixteen in her first limousine with his hand slipped around her back. They arrived on the scene like the king & queen of the prom that couldnít last, did they ever really have a chance? We are midnight, on a fast ride. Held a ticket in our hands for anywhere. Out of our minds, thought we could fly. As the morning comes we start to disappear. Why are we so quick to let our innocence go? Nobody told me til itís only the lonely, a classic case, yeah a sorry story. And my story etches on... Sheís a smart talking girl with a chip on her shoulder, yeah sheís got a little game to play. Meets a shell of a man in a rock n roll band and he canít let her slip away. The only time theyíre satisfied is when theyíre on the chase. Will we ever really get away? We are midnight, we are last night. Got a ticket out of town with no return. Weíre on no time, we canít rewind. As the morning comes we start to disappear. We wonít keep up with this pace another year. We are midnight, in a fist fight. We got a taste of what itís like to be alive. All alone now, donít wanna come down. But as the morning comes we start to disappear. Let it all ride. We are midnight.

Behind the Song:
ďI've always loved verses that are based on just one note musically. The Beatles did it with "Paperback Writer", and that was really the inspiration that sparked this song. Lyrically, I told the story of my own life, meeting and pursuing my my wife, Lauren. We were just kids when we met, and it boggles my mind that we stuck together through those CRAZY years when I was touring all year long at such a young age. Sometimes it got hard, other times it got crazy, but it lasted because God knew we were meant for each other, even before we did." - Daniel Castady (The Fold)




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