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07. Medley

Compact Favorites
by Resurrection Band


We see wave after wave of people in the street
Playing their songs, but missing the beat
People, oh people why can't you understand?
Fools with no disguises and love so close at hand
When will you begin to receive the love of God?
Jesus wants to touch you, enfold you with his love
Look into your life and tell me what you see
Don't you realize what He offers is for free?

Awaiting Your Reply
A voice on the other end said
"Where in the world have you been"
I said, "I've been all around
But I ain't seen a thing"
I was lying in my bed
Lying in my bed
Trying to arrange my head
When a letter came in from Him
Saying I was dead
It was signed in blood
It was mailed into my heart
Though the channel was clear
I didn't want hear
It made me worried
Worried, worried, worried
When you're out with the boys
Walking paranoid and all your toys
When you're discouraged
It's really sad you know
When you've nothing to show
And there it reads on the bottom line
"I love you I love you I love you I love you
Awaiting your reply,
Awaiting your reply,
Awaiting your reply
Awaiting your reply"

Broken Promises
Broken promises
Broken by me and not by You
Jesus, break me
Lord, snap my stubborn heart in two
Lonely hours, so many wasted talents
That I've sown
But now I'm ready to follow You, Jesus
My dear Lord, I'm coming home
Lord, I want You to change me
Rearrange me
Lord, I want You to mold me
I just want You to hold me
Sweet Savior, just love me
Your thoughts are so high above me
I confess that I need You
I really know that I need You
I need You

I said, "Sign here please," and You inscribed
Your Name in my heart
Didn't know what I was getting into
Or what was getting into me for that matter
A little slow to understand,
Love was the word I was after
So Your name kept coming to my lips,
Again and again
Now I understand,
He wanted the heart of the world
You're His Signature, the very Stamp of His Soul
Spirit in the wind, agony of the cross all told
Signed in blood
Signed in blood
Oooh yeah!

City Streets
You saw me standing out in the street
I was looking for some action, someone to meet
There was holes in my pockets
And a hole in my soul
And a whole lot of questions
About which way to go
You were born for love, born for life
You were born for the city
You died for love, died for life
You were died for the city
You're returning for love, returning for life
Jesus returning for the city




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