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07. Albatross

Into The Sea
by Attalus


iíve been sailing countless miles trying to find a way to break this curse. i try to wash away the guilt but each failure only makes it worse. the blood is on my hands but the stain goes much deeper than the skin. a shadow haunts the daylight hours. a body clings to me like unwashed sin.

i killed an albatross and i canít seem to get it off my chest. the chains. the weight. the sentence.
iíve paid my penance but this ship is still such a mess. after miles on the sea the thought cripples me that i havenít even progressed. O God it doesnít make sense. i thought there was grace in the sacraments. i try and i try to make amends for the crimes but iíve failed in all my attempts. i canít shake this regret. iíve been paying my dues but iím still in debt. got my sins in a pile. watch it grow every mile. but my good works donít cover it. nothing will cover it.

then i hear a voice from somewhere deep beneath the waves. it says to me ďo man redemption is just a leap away. you killed an albatross and you canít seem to get yourself unbound. the chains. the weight. the sentence. youíve done your penance but your shipís still running aground. after every wrong turn you still havenít learned that the only way out is down. man it doesnít make sense. why you think you can earn back your innocence. youíre so caught up in the work. washing the blood from your shirt. youíre too busy to repent. i know you wear your regret. but i wear the scars that could pay your debt. wash your sins in the Tide flowing out of My side. iíll be your advocate.

give up all of your thoughts of the shore. (all of your thoughts they will all count for naught). lose yourself. donít waste your life anymore. (donít waste your life anymore child iíve settled your score). iíll wear your guilt. your cross. your hell. iíll wear your albatross as well. as soon as you realize you canít save yourself.Ē




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