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10. Doin'

by John Reuben


Reuben, what is he Dipidy doiní

This ego was quick to say he was better than me better be correct
Before you step and try to sever my integrity please
You MCís need to quit it
I mean do you really think that youíre the only ones that get it
And what is it we donít get huh?
Maybe that empty book bag that you sport as a gimmick
To the Timberland boots that have never been scuffed
All the while youíre still hollering rugged and rough
I call your bluff youíre just like the rest of them
The only difference is you follow a less popular trend friend
Tell me how are you going to dog the mainstream
Then turn around the underground and do the exact same thing that youíre dissing
You get what Iím putting down
I say a gimmick can be found above as well as underground
And since whatís real canít be defined by culture or man
Iím curious as to what makes you think that you can
[Sing along!]


Ideas start occurring and words start stirring
Never would I suggest this to be the best
Itís just I like putting words on mics
Itís something I like to do something I find nice
Donít need to dominate or inflate my confidence
Got no problem giving MCís complements
But some get mad at me like they want to battle me
Upset because I made their hip hop happy
Actually I think you tough guys are corny
And my LP comes with a foolproof warranty
If you buy it and donít like it feel free not to listen
Iím not sure about a refund but youíre welcome to diss it
Because I donít will not and wonít ask you to
React to the beat if you ain't feeling it
But perhaps maybe you are in that case
It goes one for the treble two for the bass
Arrogance mixed with ignorance will and can bring forth a man
That donít really understand but claims he does
And you know what, thatís not good
[No that's not good]


Y'know what? Yaíll got to be kidding
Man, some of yaíll treat art like it was some sort of religion
Following the rules one two and on through
To the point you donít create art, art created you
Yaíll got to be kidding man
Some of yaíll treat hip hop like it was some sort of religion
Following the rules one two and on through
To the point you donít create hip hop, hip hop created you




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