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09. Soul Window

by DJ Maj


Iím gazing out see you gazing in
Kinda perplexed and wondering
How can he be so calm and peaceful
When hellís breaking loose like volcanic juice
See Iím resting in the next of heavenís wind
Since my risen kin took residence within
Itís okay itís alright
To see the son shining like canary diamonds
Itís flip flopped my whole thought process
Instead of panicking stay poised like manikin
No longer swept away good riddance to purposeless
Iím dwelling in permanent and fervent reverence
Wishing that you werenít so tense
And witnessed peace be still for just a glimpse
Perhaps these eyes can help to bring refreshing in
And in a friend in this modern day Babylon

Looking into my eyes
Tell me what you see
Can you feel the wind blow
Through my soul window (oh oh)
Experience the joy
Experience the peace
Life can be so simple
Through my soul window (oh oh)

Deep compelling eyes overwhelming
Tides of tears from the shoreline welling out
Into a sea of doubt you swam through
A place of who you really are
Truth beyond blue
Reality in hard pain
Hoping for sunshine in this cold rain
You never wanted it to be like this (and uh)
More than you allowed to surface
Fall from your lips
So whatís really goiní on in the center of your core
I can feel the pulse beat to what your heart beat longs for
A perfect lullaby in 8 bars extended
Presented presentation of life, fully intended to be seen
Longing to be free
Required to just be embracing if only uninvited artistic
Exterior covered by false excitement
Though your colored irises speak in much delightment

Oh oh north side say word
Oh oh south side say word
Inside I see you grieving man
Itís time to end the weeping and
Receive the soul healing
Thereís a reason why youíre breathing in

I wanna take you to a place
Thatís better than your dreams
So stillĖyouíll feel the breath that heaven breathes
Itís through my eyes this state of bliss can be achieved
Look in and youíll see him in me, in me

Now I see you dance in the sun light
And itís okay and itís alright
I see you basking in the Son light
Itís okay you know itís alright
I see you living in the Sonlight
And itís okay you know itís alright
I see you dance in the Son light
And itís okay itís alright
Oh oh east side say word
Oh oh west side say word
Inside I see you grieving
Time to end the weeping and
Receive the soul healing
Thereís a reason why youíre breathing in

Behind the Song:
They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. The lack of peace in one's life is easily recognized at a quick glance. The eyes and countenance reveal the condition of their souls. Soul Window invites you to look into the eyes of those one the other side of the spectrum. Those who have found the peace and gentle breeze resting within. ........"Inside I see you it's time to end the grieving and receive the soul healing, there's a reason why you're breathing in... -- DJ Maj




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